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It's funny that when you tell people exactly what you're worth - they believe you. I put in a bid for a web site and truthfully I have no interest in really doing the work. With that in mind if they balked at the price and said no, I could have cared less. Guess what happened. I got the contract for a very tidy sum.

One thing that I did enjoy was the deal. Let's leave it at that for now and jump into something that was coincidental that came about as a result of going to this meeting in the first place.

I met the female half of a couple that invited me to be a third back in January. Random.

At the time of our original encounter everyone enjoyed themselves and for one reason or another we have not had the chance to meet again, which is fine. You take these things for what they are.

Nevertheless I was truly curious to know how she was doing. It's the way I am wired. I cannot have sex and then simply pretend like you don't exist. Anyway, so we exchanged glances at one another because at first we could not place each others face. Then, just as suddenly, there was a flash of recognition and we both realize where we had met and why we looked so familiar to one another. We were both blushing. It was just this totally random chance meetingthat neither of us expected. It was kind of a rush like there was this dirty little secret we both shared that no one else in the room knew about and somehow that secret knowledge became a huge turn on to the both of us.

Thankfully I remembered her name and we managed a short conversation with promises to get in touch. Whether or not we reconnect it was nice to see her again.

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