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He pulled the vibrator out slowly and used his tongue and licked me clean, I wanted him to do it to me again and again. He went and sat on the front of the car and asked me to come over to him, he spread his legs and I stood in between them and we continued kissing. His cock was standing to attention and I knew exactly what he wanted me to do.

I rested my hands upon his thighs and took his cock into my mouth, nice and slow. I started to suck his shaft and whilst doing that I used my tongue and rolled it around his cock. He started moaning with approval. I had only been doing this for a short time, when we both heard another vehicle approaching. My man told me not to worry that they wouldn't come into the rest area. Boy did he get that wrong!

A car pulled in right behind us. It's headlights nearly blinding us both. I was completely naked at this stage apart from wearing my suspenders and stockings and my man was sitting on the car, with his erect cock in my mouth. We stopped what we were doing to see who these people were. There was nothing more that we could do.

Two women got out of their vehicle and while leaning against their car, told us they had been admiring the show from afar and asked if we would continue and let them both join in. My man looked at me to see what my reaction would be. I felt my heart rate pick up at the prospect of being watched by these women, not to mention have them join us. I told my man tell them "yes."

This was something neither one of us had ever experienced, let alone planned on. Both women were a few years older than me, but very attractive and it seemed they had done this type of thing before being they were so confident in the way they asked to join in. They walked over towards us, my man kept masturbating as these women started to kiss me right in front of him. Both took turns kissing not only my lips but my breasts, I can't even describe the sensations that were flowing through my body, part of me was shocked at how much I was enjoying it. I kept looking over at my man and his eyes were locked on me as he stroked his hard cock.

The two women told me to go back to what I was doing when they first pulled up. I leaned back over towards my man and took his cock in my mouth once again and very slowly sucked it. One of the women kept caressing my breasts and I could hear the other moving behind me. I could hear the sound of buckles being done up. But I wasn't sure what she was doing. I had two sets of hands on me, touching every part of my body. I didn't want them to stop. The woman that was standing behind me, asked my man if she could fuck me. He gave permission without hesitation. I thought she was going to use the vibrator on me again. Her friend whispered in my ear, asking me if I'd ever been fucked by a woman wearing a strap on before. I couldn't reply as I had my mouth full of hard cock. All I could do was moan with approval.

The woman behind me was squeezing and caressing my ass. Very slowly she slid the strap on into my pussy. It felt incredible; she then started to fuck me. It was exciting me so much, I never knew how good it could feel having a woman fuck me in this way. My man could see it all and he was moaning even louder, it was making him harder and hotter by the second.

There is one more part to this..I will post it in a day or so... enjoy... hehehehhehe


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8/27/2006 6:15 pm

LOL midnite........and Q? What was that shit about "I'm not a writer??" LOL

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