Part 3 ... fun the finish.............................  

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8/28/2006 10:15 am

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Part 3 ... fun the finish.............................

The other woman moved down towards my ass and started licking it, spreading my cheeks apart I could feel her warm, wet tongue probing my tight hole. I stopped sucking my man’s cock, he wanted to watch more of what was happening. My hands were pushed up against the hood of the car as I was getting fucked. The other woman spread herself out in front of me on the hood and told me to eat her pussy. My man was stroking my hair with one of his hands and his cock with the other. I spread her pussy lips apart; she was already glistening wet. I wasn't sure what to do, but I closed my eyes and thought of the way in which I liked it being done. I started at her clit and worked my way down with my tongue and did this over and over again, to her, listening to her scream out with pleasure.

I was still being fucked by the other woman, but she was slowing down. I could tell she wanted to fuck us both. She told me to lie on top of her friend so we were face to face on top of my mans car, she slid the strap on cock into her friend’s pussy, would fuck her hard a few times, then would slide it into me and fuck me even harder. While this was being done, her friend and I were kissing, probing each other’s mouths with our tongues

My man got up on the hood of his car and placed his cock near our mouths, both of us took turns licking and sucking his cock. It all felt like ecstasy. I had never in my life felt anything like it, I didn't want it to end

The woman kept fucking us both, she stayed inside her friend until she came really hard, screaming out into the night, she then slammed her cock into me, her friend probing my mouth and my mans cock with her tongue. I started to explode, she then slide out from under me, her and her friend used their tongues to suck out the juices from my pussy. Again I wanted them to keep going.

The three of us then turned our attention on my man, you could tell he was hungry for some action. He got me to lean back in through the open window of the car and started to pump me from behind, one of the other women was down between his legs, licking his balls as they slapped up against my ass. The third woman had taken off the strap on cock and was lying on the hood of car. My man stopped fucking me and I told him to fuck her while I watched. He slammed his hard cock into her, while her friend and I watched.

We kept kissing and fingering each other’s pussies. It felt like I was dreaming, I still couldn't believe this was really happening. Even though I never wanted to share my man with anyone, I was getting off on watching him fuck another woman. I told him I wanted to see him cum inside of her. He started fucking her harder and his sounds of pleasure were increasingly getting louder.

He slammed into her one last time, exploding as he did, as he was cumming he pulled
out so I could finish him off with my mouth, he tasted so good, her juices and his all mixed in together. What a turn on!

It seemed to be over so quickly; I couldn't believe that it was. The two women walked up to me and kissed me again, thanking me for the best night they had ever had.

They walked over to my man and slipped their number into his hand, telling him if he ever wanted to share his woman again, to call them! They then got back into their car and disappeared into the night.

What a night!


Whispersoftly5 52F
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8/28/2006 3:46 pm

Very hot!!!

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