Not just so much fiction...  

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6/8/2006 10:17 pm

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Not just so much fiction...

This is a post of my story that never seemed to make it to the magazine...

I step out of my car and confidently walk toward the door to the drug store. A pay phone near the door begins to ring.

I answer. "Long's drug store payphone"

"Is Johnny there?" an attractive female voice.

"No, this is a payphone at a drug store."

"He said that he would page me so I am calling this number."

I scan the parking lot. Just a couple cars other than my own. Otherwise this portion of the shopping center is isolated and deserted.

"No, there is no one around. Sorry."

"Well, who is this?" she keeps me on the phone.

"Howard." Flat but nice.

"What are you doing Howard?" She asks. I hear
the rustling of fabric in the background.

"I'm just going in to fill a prescription."
"Are you sick?" She was concerned.

"No, I have a little sinus thing that I want to nip in the bud. Who is this?"

"…Heather, " sort of breathless. I feel a little
uncomfortable talking to an attractive voice that I don’t know. I feel conscious and look around. No one is near.

"Well Heather, what are you doing?"

A pause… "Nothing." More rustling in the background. "Just talking to you." Her voice was deeper, more sensual. I find myself a little turned on by the anonymity.
She sounds… aroused.

"Do you do this often?" A shot in the dark.

"NO!" in surprise. "This is the first
time." A long pause "You don’t mind do you? Would
you talk to me?"

My mind reels. "I was right, " I think. I arrange
my shorts. They suddenly feel hot. "No I don't
mind. I would love to. What would you like me to talk about?"

"…You, " breathless. I am turned on by her obvious
arousal. I am almost fully erect.

"Your voice is beautiful, " I say. "Women
are beautiful when they are in pleasure. I bet you are beautiful right now."

"Thank you. You are cute too." I totally miss

"Are you touching yourself?" I ask. "…Yes"

"On the skin or through your panties?" "Skin.
I took my panties off before."

A man takes this opportune time to walk out of the doorway and walk by on the sidewalk. "I wish there was something I could do for you right now." I say trying to make the conversation sound normal.

The man passes. "There is…" she is timid. "Anything!"
I reply.

She pauses. "Why don't you walk back to your car."
I turn immediately and look toward the parking lot. Just beside my car is a tan import. I hear rustling on the phone and the car moves slightly. "OK." I am sure my face is deep red.

I hang up the receiver and turn from the phone. Nervousness replaces my arousal as I walk toward my car. I see someone in the tan car put a cell phone away. She is leaning back against the passenger door. I walk up to the driver's
door and look inside. She has one leg out across the seats. Her long skirt is pulled back and her hands move back to her lap. She gives me a warm smile.

I open the door, "Hi." She reaches over and moves
her panties and a Long's bag from the driver seat. Her panties are satin thongs in bright red. I sit down and shut the door. I turn toward her.

"I owe you an explanation" she said. "I
was going to page someone to that payphone, so I wrote the number down. Then I remembered my cell. I came back to my car, made a call, no one was there. Then you pulled up. You got out of your car and didn't see me. You looked nice and had a kind of cockiness that turns me on. So without thinking
I dialed the number hoping you would answer which of course you did. You weren't supposed to figure it out."

I put my hand on hers. "I understand. I wouldn't
be here if I thought badly of you. And if I thought you did this often I would have hung up. She turns her hand over to hold mine. Our hands turn so my skin touches the skin of her thigh. I lightly move my thumb over her skin while staring
into her eyes.

"Was I so obvious?" she asks. "No, I am
just paranoid and a bit oversexed, " I reply.

"Will you talk to me now?" she asks insistently.
She pulls her skirt higher and exposes her mound to me. She pulls the short hair back from her swollen bud and lightly brushes her fingertips over it. Her fingers are long with medium length unpainted nails. My hand hovers over her where she released it. I lay it on her thigh.

My nervousness is now entirely replaced by arousal. I stare into her half closed eyes. "You are beautiful." I then realize my previous naiveté. She said I was cute. I think.

I chuckle at my stupidity. "What?!" she stops.
"Better than a fantasy" I reassure.

I turn around all the way in my seat and she moves her leg back out over the emergency brake to rest against my side. She slowly masturbates herself in front of me. My arousal takes over. I move one hand to brush a finger across her mouth and lips while I move the other palm flat against her thigh.

My thumb traces her lips until she pulls it in her mouth and holds it in her teeth while her tongue slides over the tip. I shudder and she smiles. I notice the goose bumps rising on her legs. She pulls her folds of skin tighter and whimpers.

I reach down and pull her free hand to my mouth. I run my tongue along her fingertips until they are wet. She rubs the wetness into her until she is slick against her fingertips. She moves them slightly faster and harder. Her eyes close.

I move my hand down between her legs pressing against where her thigh meets her mound. She releases my thumb and lays her head back against the window. I slide my hand down her neck and across her collar bones. I unbutton the only button on her top. My fingers dance against her cleavage to the limits of her tan sheer bra.

"You are not talking, " she says. I lean over
and run my tongue over the side of her waist, tracing her pelvic bone. She recoils at the pleasure and lets out a full-fledged moan. Her fingers stop. I slide my hand inside her top to cup her breast. Her toes curl around my back and pull me toward

My tongue follows a path along her waistline around her wrists to the creases of her legs. It darts down along her thigh teasing her with the promise of more. I smell her sweet smell and notice a trickle of clear cum running down to her ass. I move my hand from her thigh to wet my fingertips in her lubrication. I tease them along her folds and lips. My other hand finds her hardening nipple under her bra and squeezes it through the mesh. She pushes her hips forward and up and slides on the seat closer to me.

She pulls her mound tight. Her clit is swollen, about an inch long and hard. Her lips are engorged and open like petals of an exotic flower. Finally I can tease her no more. I start flicking my tongue across her clit in light butterfly strokes.
She moans again and starts breathing fast. I move both hands between her legs and press my fingers against her heat. I rest my elbows against the seat.

I slowly increase the pressure of my tongue against her
clit. Slowly running circles against her sensitive flesh.
My fingers take this opportunity to slide along her inner
lips, opening them up. One thumb rests against her pucker
of an asshole. She slides toward me again and pulls me closer.
My fingers press harder into flesh. She moans. She is breathing
fast. Her bottom lip is between her teeth and stretched
tight with the pressure.

I start to flick my tongue up and down in a slow rhythm, her
breaths synchronized to my movement. I slide two fingers
slowly into her. I feel her muscles contract around them.
Her asshole puckers around the tip of my thumb. "That
feels …great.." she barely gets out. "Oh God…"

I speed my tongue and flick her harder. I slowly start sliding
my fingers in and out. Her asshole opens up and tightens
in the same rhythm. I feel her sucking me into her. The sweet
scent of her is intoxicating. I am worshipping her for her

Her pleasure is rising to the breaking point. I lick her
harder and start to fuck her with my fingers. She thrusts
toward me and my thumb slips inside. She starts moaning
and panting. The car is lightly rocking on its suspension.
Her muscles squeeze me with a strength that is surprising.
I tongue her and then nibble hard alternatively. It teases
her and increases her desire but doesn't let her climax.

"Oh, Howard!" She calls my name, "You
are so FUCKING good at that…. Please!….., Please!… MAKE
me cum!"

I tongue her hard. Up and down in a fast steady rhythm. My
hand slaps against her as I fuck her with my two fingers.
I feel her muscles contract and ripple along my fingers
deep inside of her. She digs her fingernails into flesh
as she spreads herself open. Her head cants back and she
opens her mouth. I feel her orgasm start deep within her. She ripples and contracts along the length of her channel. She takes a sharp breath and then she starts contracting in spasms against my fingers. I grab her clit in my mouth and suck hard. She lets her breath out in a moan-scream that takes at least twenty seconds. "Ohhhhhhh rrgggggg!"

I still suck her clit but softer. My fingers pace does not
slacken. She starts to pant again. "Ohhh…. Not againnnn!!…, "
she moans. My fingers are again squeezed tightly in spasms only slightly softer than the last. I wiggle my thumb gently. "Gawdddd!…" It starts to subside so I release her clit and just hold it in my mouth. My fingers slow and I pull my thumb from its warm pocket. I stop my fingers inside her and lay my head on her leg.

She releases her flesh and shakes her fingers out before placing then on my head. I kiss her on the waist. Her body starts to relax so I slide my fingers out of her. She reached down and licks them lightly. "You don't mind?" I ask. "No, it is just my juices. I shouldn't mind any more than you."

"Howard, why aren't you trying to fuck me? I appreciate the thought but I know that you have to be frustrated. Most guys would, " she inquires. "I am not most guys, "
I reply. "Yes, I know, " she laughs.

"Heather, how open minded are you?" "For
you dear, I would do anything!" "Anything?"
"Yes Howard, ANYTHING!"

Later, I walk through my door with a slip of paper in my hand. "You took a while dear" she asks.

"You would NOT believe what just happen to me!"
I place the phone number in her hand. She gives me a haughtily proud smile "Oh… tell me about it."

"Well, I was walking from my car to the door at Longs when a payphone rings. I answered, " I start to explain.

rm_oralbookworm 59M
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6/13/2006 5:27 pm

quite a story...I'll look for the novel cuz that just doesn't happen in real life

BlockBrigsSwoop 48M

6/27/2006 8:23 am


There is some artistic license in this story but I was as surprised as you! No, it is not often that a woman calls you at a payphone with the intent to masturbate. So if it ever happens to you I hope my story helps you be prepared!

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