Just getting started  

BlockBrigsSwoop 48M
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6/1/2006 12:32 pm
Just getting started

Well, here I am again single. It has been 5 years since I had the opportunity to test the waters and that time was in a place with a large population. Bozeman has a small market, no matter what you are shopping for. I will say however that in Bozeman quality replaces quantity. I am really amazed at the number of available women here locally. Hopefully I will meet one.

So I wrote a profile and uploaded a few pictures. I have made a few posts (even one to erotic sories which hasn't shown up yet). I have resisted the temptation to contact anyone and use some up my points. Waiting for 2200 to get free month of silver!

Hey for you newbies here are some tips.
Only contact active members. If they haven't logged in in 3 months chances are that they won't.
Silver and Gold members: if a standard member winks at you, send them an email. I will.
Standard members can post to groups, so don't just read posts respond to them.
Picture, Picture, Picture!
Standard members can see pictures on blogs.

Well, hope you enjoy this...

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