A Question of Diamonds.  

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5/24/2006 9:04 pm

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A Question of Diamonds.

As I drive I pass a church. I've got a few minutes before I have to be there, so I decide to stop and meditate in their garden on life and the funeral pyre, as well as other meanings of time and space. As I roam, I look at the saint, birds sing, and the trees whistle with an early winter snap, for it's about that time. I make my peace and turn to leave, I light a cigarette, for it's a habit and a thing that I do. I walk toward my car with my mind elsewhere, which is one of my other bad habits.

On the way past the church to the parking lot as I smoke and think of other mysteries, I see a tall, silver woman walking toward me in black and fur, with a glow of one at home and relaxed. We see each other and nod hello. It all happens in an instant. We smile at each other as we pass I see the spark - I see it in her eyes! My God! It can't be. In a church parking lot. A woman in age enough to be, um, let's say my oldest sister's best friend for discretion's sake. When we are close enough she smiles and says in a voice as lovely as any, "You're too handsome to be smoking!"

I'm stunned. What do you say? I stumble out a thank you and touch my hat, and we pass each other by looking into each other's eyes. Hers were a sparkling grayish blue. She keeps walking and I keep walking and I think why not? She looks like a good soul and of the type that could be a real sport in the bedroom. I know she's got a sense of humor. But the age difference - the time frame. My extra fifteen minutes are up.

Could I? Would I? Yes, I could and probably would at this point. I turn just to give her a last look-over and I see her turn and stop and look at me. She gives me a look and a smile that says "What are YOU thinking?" She turns back and walks toward the church as if daring me in sport.

I look at my watch. Shit. I gotta go. The clock ticks and the sun races around to come up behind me again.

quick6forU 56M
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5/31/2006 12:04 am

Excellent quote, my dear Ms. Cocker.
You may have hit the nail right on the head.

Allow me to continue;

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