Is this the best way??  

quest193 53M
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3/20/2006 4:28 am

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5/28/2008 9:40 am

Is this the best way??

Well look at this, were all here writing lots of e-mails however (In Bermuda) there’s also lots of bullshit, it appears that there’s a lot of women out there that "are looking for great sex" and yet they seem to be looking for lots of fan mail and apparently pictures of dicks for their collection. I’m beginning to wonder if all the real women with real intentions reside elsewhere.

I’m not unrealistic enough to think that I would be the "ideal" mate for everyone, of course not, and that’s recipical however carefully following all the guidelines and looking at all the "matches" doesn’t quite do it.

Maybe it’s a trait that’s just in the islands, odd but I have come across more real responses from over seas, except one chick that pretends to be in Bermuda and yet lives in Ohio...go figure!

I’m wondering if in this technological age the old ways are not better, remember seeing someone would start the juices going, talking to them...even more...and the prospect of sleeping with them was like the prize, then keeping them would be the ultimate. Now we look at promises of jumping right to step 3..

I guess like most paying members I will give it a little longer until total disillusionment sets in and I either go to another site, or...revert methods...I doubt if they would publish the ratio of e-mails to meetings (reality is never good for commerce) So good luck to us all as we continue the search.

blogginOnly 58F

3/20/2006 5:25 am

quest, I think going back to the old ways are better. Just meet someone at the coffee shop, or at the grocery store, etc. I think my chances are better there. I dont like dic pics, and have never gone by the "outside". I always go by the "inside". Get to know someone inside out. I have only met a few, very few, men on this site and I must tell you, I wouldnt trust a man from this site, or any man with a computer, lol. I gave up my search, and am only here to blog. Best of luck to you hon.

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