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Tore my dryer apart today, cleaned out the insides and put a new hose on it and put it back together. It amazes me how many people are shocked by that. It is actually more shocking, or so it seems, then tellin people that I eat flowers.

A little bit about my mechanical/tool history. Growing up my dad was not what one would call handy.
We had the best lawn in the housing area but, the man once build a desk out of paneling and scrap 2x4's. Paneling being the main building material.
My bother was first embarrassed by it but then quickly learned how to get sympathy out of his friends, mostly girls, by showing them this desk" see this is why my grades are so bad" he would say as he bated his puppydog eyes. I acquired my dad's skill. He has since gone on to better things, though a job and HGTV,PBS education My dad can now do amazing things. He has remodeled an entire house once and my mom has him starting on the second round. Sadly my mom has HGTV vision. Which is where you walk into a perfectly functional room and have to redo it. But that is another blog entry.

After two years of marriage I found that the only way to get my husband to fix anything was for me to take it apart and leave to tools laying around. I got great at taking things apart. Sadly at about 4 years of marriage he figured this trick out and just stopped fixing things. A while later I wound up single and got a promotion at work. It sounded fun but I wondered if I had maybe jumped in the water a little two deep.The boss said no problem we will teach you all you need to know. First ten minutes on the new job a 19 year old kid told me to drill some marked holes in metal and tap them. I smiled and said "cool, how?" He babbled some stuff about bits and who knows what. I said "huh, I have never used a drill before." The kids jaw dropped to the floor, it was as if I just told him I was a 32 year old virgin. The boss just chuckled in the background. 3 drill bits and 11 taps later I had all 7 of those holes drilled and taped. Oddly the boss was not chuckling any more. When I told my brother what I did he said "They let you touch a drill?"
Five years and 2000 bucks in tools later I can drill and tap with the best of them.
Move down the road a bit and I am part of the working poor with a hybrid car. Not hybrid in the way of a gas electric car
but hybrid in the way that if you stood on the left of it the car was an iroc Z-28. If you stood on the right it was just a z-28.
If you opened the hood it was a--what the fuck? If you touched anything electric it was broken or things would happen that made no sense. Things would just randomly go up or down or on and off. Hey it was a 1000 dollar car. It was awesome to drive with the glass t-tops of if the weather was 74 to 84 and it was sunny. Other then that the car would not run.
It broke on average every 28 miles. That car spent more time in the repair shop then I did in bed with my first husband.
Things finely came to a head when replacing a $25.00 part would cost around 200 in labor. My heater core was actully dripping on anyone that sat in the passenger side and I was driving around in a purple haze.
After all I worked with wires and screws for a living how hard could removing a dash board be? The guys at work told me it was easy, it just took while. And it was only November. How bad could the weather get outside?
I bought the car book and a roll of tape so I could keep the screws in order, listened to all the advise at work and planed it all out.
I figured one Saturday afternoon and it would be done. I was so naive then.

Overnight the temperature dropped. Dropped my have been an understatement. You could just feel snow in the air.

When my fingers got so stiff I could not move them I ran inside to warm them up.
It was amazing to see the guts of the dash board. I was having a blast, .....the first few hours.
Sunday afternoon I finely got to the part of installing the heating core. With my car being a hybrid the part of course did not just slide right in. I grabbed a neighbor and apologized a bit but did manage to talk him into looking at it. He made a few "skilled shape adjustments" with a hammer and a few hard shoves and like magic it fit, and held coolant. As the sun set I managed to get the dash back together and get the stearing wheel back on.

I learned a few things from that
When backed in to a corner I can figure crap out.
I can work tools.
It is possible to fix something you know nothing about.
people that repair cars earn every penny they charge you.
I like my tool, I miss working with them and look for reasons to pull them out.

And What happened to the car? My ex got tired of me calling for him to come pick me up and bought me a car ( this was back when tec stocks were turning dimes into dollars.) I put the car up for sale. Three motor heads showed up to take it for a test drive. At the end of the drive way I herd them open her up and lay a little rubber.
After an hour a car dropped someone of at the end of the drive way. He offered me 500 as it sat dead on the side of the road.
I was only asking 650 and had used up my three free AAA tows for the year. The car was his.

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4/24/2005 4:36 pm

Queen of the boys, Love you adventurous mechanical spirit!! Admire your independence, intelligence and ingenuity!

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