My first pro model shoot.  

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5/16/2005 8:00 pm

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My first pro model shoot.

Thursday was a crazy day for me. I woke up in Baltimore, and had a photo shot at 10 am. I got lost but still managed to get there on time. I was nervous as heck because the last time I was paid for photos the guy was a creep. This guy was a perfect gentleman and great to work with. He told me what he wanted and then let me pose on my own and told me to "hold" when I did something he liked.
Modeling is harder work then I though. Three hours of lights flashing in my eyes was enough. Originally we had planed to go longer but he could tell I had enough so we stopped for the day.
I got a great compliment, He said he would give my name to a few other photographers and showed me some web pages to hook up with other modeling jobs.
Then back to my normal fun. Got to drive the Baltimore beltway, to Harrisburg with my phone ringing the whole way.
Construction every few miles. Even got buzzed by some Kawasaki when on the blue route. Seems at dusk it is cool to slide between two cars side by side going 80MPH. Scared the heck out of me as I have had friends die on bikes. I also have pretty bad depth perception at dusk so it is just dumb luck that I did not get startled and swerve into one of them. It was the second time it happened in three years. Hopefully next time I will be ready for them. I always keep a pen close at hand while on the road.It would not be the first time I called the state boys on those that are clueless when it comes to driving. At least this time I knew that there'd would be more Yahoos following them, and zigzaginging back and forth in traffic. So I did slow down a bit.

Then on to Philadelphia to have some fun and finely home. When I hit my bed around 2am I passed out.

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