Meating a friend  

queenoftheboys 53F
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4/10/2005 3:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Meating a friend

I decided to start dating again. For years I have stayed out of it because well, dating sucks.
It is a long painful process of high expectations and dashing hopes, on both sides of the fence.

All week I weeded though adultfriend finder, sex search and I just do not know which page I belong on.
Most of the guys on alt are to far out there for me and the guys on adultfinder seem to all want bi gals.
Friendfinder is to tame for me, but the other pages are just full of married players.
Finely though I found one that interested me and wanted more then a just a one night stand.
This guy looked really good. Sadly he did not call me on Saturday, not even to tell me that he could not make our date.
Bad form. He did email the next day explaining why. But he already lost a few points for having me all excited and then not calling to cancel.
I have the spring horrines though. Luckily for me the universe seems to always give me what I need.
A Friend from high school showed up. He lives about 4 states away but sometimes stops by when he is on vacation.
This time I gave him something he has been wanting since high school. I was a good girl in high school, and never really felt right about messing with him. He was more like a little bother to me. But last night spring was in the air, and his body is hot. Last time he was visiting he hinted about it, This time when he came up I felt electricity when I hugged him hello. His body felt so good pressed against mine that I did not want to let go. We teased each other for hours. He is more of a gentle type person, polite to a fault. Unless someone in school picked on me. Then He had this way of coming up behind me and reminding people that they had better manners then they were currently using.
Him not pushing made this night me even more worked up. Finely after three hours of backrubs, cuddling and fondling, he tells me that if I don't stop I will make him horny. Ok, so he must not get hit on much, I know I rarly hit on guys, so I am guessing my message was not clear enough. So I reached down and gently rubbed his dick though his jeans. He got the message. To my surprise he is a great kisser, pretty soon I was straddling him on the couch with my bit tits in his face grinding his dick through his pants. When I stood up he did not seem to get the message to follow me. So I grinned and told him someone was going to get lucky tonight. Instantly The guy turned in to a skilled fucking machine. Awesome. Why did I wait so long? When we got up in the morning I had to drag him to bed again. Ah, what a fine 3 hour Sunday morning ride it was!! He is napping now, which is a good thing, cause I think I am taping that again tonight!

rm_apathy68 48M
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4/12/2005 12:03 am

I just hope this is a lesson to you and alot of others that so often a great lay is as near as that good friend sitting next to you, and it doesn't have to screww the friendship.

sigurduk 35M
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4/13/2005 12:21 pm

AdultFriendFinder, if you like to talk with someone from Iceland

rm_JamesJoyce10 68M
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4/19/2005 9:36 am

What a marvelous message! Friendship and romance are a wonderful thing. I too have cases of spring horniness....The sun comes out and I come up. Please add me to your friends network and send pics.

funlooking15 66M

4/23/2005 1:28 pm

Some say the best sex they had was with a friend....mmm I would to agree wink wink

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