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5/18/2005 10:05 pm

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I Match!

Opps it seems I did not fix my dryer two weeks ago as I though that I had.
It caught on fire,just a little bit. After the fifth load of the day the darn thing gave me a poof of smoke and flipped the breaker. Funny as heck because I went on automatic and just started tossing things out the front door that I though were flammable and a little to close to the dryer. Even tossed the lint screen about 25 feet out the door. I only have one exit from my house, and the dryer is right next to it, Flaming wash near your only exit can be a real joy killer. It turned out to be nothing, just a dying dryers last breath.

I did get about 13 or 14 years out of it so it was time to let it go. It was recommended that I get a new washer about 6 years ago, by a repair man. And I can slip my pinky in my refrigerator without opening the door. and fixing the seals cost half as much as a new one. Pulse the door hangs wrong do to someone staying with me for a while that did not let there kid play out side enough. He thought it was fun to "ride the fridge door."
Ok and last years Air-conditioned would not keep up with the heat in my attic apartment. Pulse it blocked the window.
and realy cut in to my sex life. It is just no fun fucking in a 94 degree room.

It was well past time of making the little adjustments I have been making for years, Past time of paying the high electric bill.
Way past time of having to put my cloths though the spin cycle two and three times.

So to day I walked in to my friendly neighborhood appliance store and dropped off my life savings. It is a such a total joy to have a stove do what stoves are meant to do, get hot. That Just could not help myself. Imagine having a dryer that dries, a washer that rings and a refrigerator holds in the cool air. Pulse I hated waiting for the delivery man so figured I would do it all at once. Life is good. Why did I wait so long? Funny as heck It took me 7 years to find the right bed, two years to find the right stove and about 45 minutes to get all that I got today.

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