Horney this am  

queenoftheboys 53F
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4/24/2005 9:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Horney this am

Woke up so freaking horny today. The kind of horny where I want it so bad that my gut hurts.
Not the kind of horny that a vibrator will even touch.

Trust me I tired, It just left me wanting more. Why is nature so down right mean?
See it is that time of month. The time when most guys run and where no one is getting near my 300 and 600 count bed sheets.

It did not help that last night a guy friend shared his home computer porn collection with me.
It was a best of the best of Nice porn, more tease then sleaze. He had porn running on the TV
and the lap top and was showing me porn on another computer. It felt like I was sitting in the middle of an orgy.
I was uncomfortable at first, with naked people everywhere I looked but I soon warmed up to it and thought it was pretty fun.

Later on we played a little, but only enough to work me up more.
Some how knowing that my normal sex outlets are closed to me makes me more worked up. Usually this time of month I do not want touched and take off from any f2f or camera work but man something is wired different this month.

Why does your period seem to put the breaks on things? I was just getting the nerve up for some real dating an wham, slam the breaks on. Life is funny that way. I think I will go mess into he garden maybe that will kill some of the flames.

rm_SillyFocker 52M

4/30/2005 11:18 pm

nothing would put me off girls who look as good as you two (sexy & queen)...
sexy, that's one horny photo...

queenoftheboys 53F

5/7/2005 1:12 pm

I did that photo as a joke. We were at a swingers club. There were about 40 gals there doing Photos for thier pages. But Not one single dick was out.We were all there to do pictures for adult pages but nothing adult was going on. One of the walls had a glorey hole in it and I could not get anyone to stand on the other side of the hole.
so I wiped out a toy a Friend had given me. I did get a guy to hold it for me, while his wife watched and lauged till she cryed. Pretty soon though she was down on her knees takeing photos also.

rm_aashi_2006 41M
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6/10/2005 7:36 am

hi can mail me some tips againts fucking

commandorider 61M

8/28/2005 7:49 am

I don't understand why any man would be turned off by a woman during that time of the month. I guess they have never tried it. I find that women are much more into sex then than any other time. I will admit it tends to get a little messy at times, but that's why we have soap and water. If women can put up with the inconvience for 40 years or more why can't men just enjoy the extra good time it will give him.

If I were close enough i would be delighted to visit you at that time of month. Just relax and enjoy the men will come around sooner or later.

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