October 14,2005  

qtsexyredhead 47F
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10/14/2005 3:09 pm

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October 14,2005

Just thought I'd try this "blog" thing out. I'm not too far behind the times, but keeping a diary-type thing on the internet for everyone to read is a little dangerous in my opinion. That's probably why it appeals to me. I like the excitement that a little chaos brings. I firmly believe in the phrase, "if you're not livin' life on the edge, you're takin' up too much room" Man, ain't that right? Anyway, work was work. I've stepped into the roll of eye-candy and I wear it very well. Thank you. I'm hoping my plan will stay on course...if so, I'll be a topless dancer on New Years Eve. But, then again, I'm too damn shy to ever do it really. It's funny...I realize that I want to strip so I can earn enough money for a boobjob so I can be a stripper. Maybe funny's not the word. Kinda sad. Oh well. Almost perfect ain't perfect, so ... gotta get 'er done!

RailBaron2 54M

10/14/2005 5:33 pm

Hello, Welcome to blog land,Nice face picture- Thank you for posting it.Before you get a boob job ,just remember- not all men like big boobs. I cannot see yours but personally I know of Very Few women that need it.Thats just my personal opinion. 1 redhead to another.
Good luck on your career Jim

qtsexyredhead 47F
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10/17/2005 3:24 pm

I want big boobs. I've always wanted bigger boobs and I'll get my big boobs! I know not everyone likes big boobs. Well, as far as me and mine...we like 'em. Forget the we...I like 'em! 'nough said.

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