The Chair  

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8/13/2006 10:04 am

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The Chair

Play time. You have indicated you interest. You have undressed at my request, a piece at a time. First your blouse, then your skirt. Next your bra. Finally your panties. Not so nearly that quickly. As I watch, as you undresses, you tease me. You take your time with the buttons, with the clasps. You smile at me. You know I am impatient. You like to tease me. You know I like to be teased. I ask, and you cup you breasts, then turn around very slowly, letting me see you from all angles. You linger with you back to me because you know how much I love to look at you naked back, you naked ass.

I call you to me. You move quickly. You kneel at my feet. I rise. I indicate with my hand. I want you in the chair.

You sit. You know what I want. You drape your legs over the arms of the chair. You place your hands behind the back of the chair. Your breasts protrude. Your pussy is turned up to me, and you are open. I place the cuffs on you ankles, on your wrists. I cross tie you, so you left ankle is tied to you right wrist, you right ankle to you left wrist. I tighten the bonds. I stretch you.

We watch a movie. I sit on the floor next to you. As the movie progresses I touch you. I run my fingers along the insides of your legs. I run my hand along your ribs. You are quiet. You do not laugh if I find a ticklish spot. You struggle to remain silent, but you are good. You do not make a sound.

I can’t control myself any longer. I turn off the movie. I put on some soft music. I free one of you hands. The one you uses to….

I move a small stool in front of you. I sit, facing you. What is it I want you to do, Love? Tell me. I look into you eyes. You want to lower them. You want to turn away. But you do not, for you know how much I love to look into your eyes.

You want me to masturbate, you tell me. Is that color in you cheeks?

I lean forward a little, reaching, until I take your nipples in my fingers. I caress them, stroke them, squeeze a little. I alternate the manner of the touch, and you respond.

Your eyes are open. It is difficult for you. Your fingers reach between you legs. You touch yourself, your eyes tear over. You struggle to hold still but you cannot. My eyes are locked into yours. My fingers caress your nipples. I whisper, it’s ok, Love. Make sounds if you wish. You do not need to be silent. I want to hear your voice as you pleasure yourself.

Make sounds you do. You voice is symphonic as you come. I continue to caress your nipples, I continue to look into you eyes, I continue to encourage you. You come again, and again. You struggle to keep you eyes open and focused but you cannot. You have a wonderful body, responsive, sensitive, capable of incredible pleasure. You moan. You shriek. You stagger into incoherence as you rub you clit. I can smell you as you come. I release one of your nipples for just a moment, feeling between you legs, enjoying the wetness I find. All the while I look into you eyes.

Finally you can take no more. You entire body shakes. I take your hand, the one you used to pleasure yourself. I raise it to my lips. I kiss it. I place your fingers into my mouth. I taste your fluids. All the while I look into your eyes.

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8/25/2006 5:48 am

That is beautiful.

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Needing - thank you

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yes qosmann .... how may i be of service to You ?

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