tonight under the sky....  

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8/21/2005 9:52 pm

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tonight under the sky....


A darkened room, tomarrow morn,
A silent draft makes the heat all torn
Drift slowly cross a blackened sky
The moon shines dimly where you lie
Asleep and naked to the world
Beneath a sheet, a flag unfurled
So deep asleep and in you're dreams
All is happy, or so it seems
There is an ache, a wanton need
You want fulfilling with my seed
I lie awake, your back to me
I move to kiss your neck, and see
Your face reflected in the gloom
At peace within our hotel room
I kiss again your neck and hair
Running fingers through it so fair
And move my hand your breast to cup
Your shoulder now I lick and sup
Your nipple rises at my tease
My penis hard, I want you, please
More fingers on your breasts I play
I stroke your thighs, your sex I stay
And gently stroke, you're moist and warm
My passion rises like a storm
I trace the shadow of your spine
With tongue and finger, oh so fine
And hold your buttocks while I feel
That sexual target oh so real
And aim my rod into that hole
So slowly push in with my pole
You're warm and tight and oh so wet
And from your lips a moan is let
Then gently I will fuck you now
Massaging nipples and I bow
My head to kiss your neck again
To lick your ears, a bite, no pain
Once more a moan emits your lips
While in and out I meet your hips
I feel you stiffen now to cum
My penis washed with juices some
And ready I am to emit
My semen in your cunt to hit
Now building, climax is upon
I'm cuming quickly, senses gone
A muffled cry, a moan from you
Still sleeping, although is that true?
I hold you tightly in my bliss
And lastly finish with a kiss
The night is silent all the while
You, still asleep an unseen smile
Upon your lips escapes, for sake
You're happy now there's no more ache!

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