a little game for woman  

pyrrhus5962 44M
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8/19/2005 7:28 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

a little game for woman

well lady, do you love game?

so this is a little game that i enjoy:

imagine, you wear a suit, a blouse,a black lace bra, a black lace panty ,
a black lace suspender-belt, black stocking, and escarpin.
you enter the room where i wait you, i am nude. i invite you to seat down into tha sofa and serve you champagne.
i kneel down and take of your shoes, i put your feet on my face, kiss them, smell, lick them massage them,
i suck your toes trought stocking.
you opened your blouse and put champagne in your breast that you make me suck trought your bra.
you turn yourself on the sofa and i roll up your skirt, i bring down your panty,
kiss your bottom, lick your buttocks,i open them, put my tongue between them to caress your asshole, i lick it swloly and deeper.
you return, and open wild your legs, i kiss your pussy, lick it, suck your clit, very swloly first and my tongue work on your
pussy faster as faster...i want your pussy very wet, to dinck your pussy' juice to have it fullk of my face.
finaly my cock come into your pussy and work, in same time u put your feet on my shoulders,
i tear away your stocking and lick your naked feet during my cock work fast hard and deeper into you
and to finish me, you masturbate my cock in french kissing me, to have my cock spit my sperm
on your hands.

thazt was just a very short game...

hope you like it! what do you thinks of it???

rm_shybuthot74 66F

8/20/2005 3:04 am

its a nice fantasy xxxxx

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