a walk in the park  

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a walk in the park

A walk in the park

I live and work in Beijing but go down to Singapore on business once every month or so. I must say that my visits there have been pretty bleak so far. So when my boss called me up last time I was on down, telling me that I better stay over the weekend to meet with a potential customer on Monday morning, I wasn’t excited to say the least. Gosh…one more weekend in Singapore…What to do? It was early November, so in lack of a better plan, I though I might as well go and pick up some Christmas gifts. After all, I probably wouldn’t come back to Singapore before Christmas and shopping sucks in Beijing, unless of course you’re looking for cheap, counterfeited stuff.

But as I stepped out of the air-conned hotel lobby and the moist heat enclosed my body like a wet veil, I quickly dropped the idea of spending another day on Orchard Road. Rethinking my plans, I decided I better find a quite place instead. Having visited Sentosa Island one time before, I decided that this place is probably as good as it gets in Singapore, so I picked up a couple of magazines from the news stand and jumped into a cab.

The park was rather empty this Saturday morning. Strolling around without much sense of direction, I passed Orchid Park and Butter Fly Park. Making my way through the lush green pathways, I only bumped into one tourist group and a couple of joggers. It was only 10 am, but as I climbed up the hill on Nature Walk the heat nevertheless took a toll on me. The sweat was running down my neck, making my t-shirt stick to my back. Luckily, the path soon turned downhill, leading out to a big well-cut lawn. About the size of a half-sized football pitch, the field was lined with big trees and a thick wall of under-vegetation. With no people around, this looked like the perfect chill-out spot so I lay down under the shade of one of the trees.

I guess I must have been tired from my morning exercise, cause I had barely opened my magazine before dozing off in a dreamless sleep. When I woke up, it must already have been noon. The sun stood high and the air was boiling hot. I noticed that I was no longer alone. A woman was sitting some thirty meters away. With her back against me, I could only see her slim waste and her beautiful hair black hair that was falling down over her shoulders all the way down to her waist.

I kept flippin’ through the pages, but my thoughts and eyes kept on wandering back to the lady across the field. She suddenly stood up and began packing up her things. What a disappointment…just when it started to get interesting. My heart jumped as I realized that she was not leaving at all - was coming my way!! She looked rather young, she was probably only around 20 or so. Although not stunningly beautiful, she had a pretty face with clear features, big black round eyes and plump red lips. She must have been the sporty type, cause she was looked very fit. A white tank-top curved around her well-toned arms and impressive bust. A beige skirt reaching halfway down to her knees, sat tightly around her well-shaped hips. All in all, she was a definitely a real hotty

“Had a good sleep?” she asked me casually as she got closer. I noticed her voice had a sensual touch. She lacked a distinct Singapore accent. “Yeaa…”I replied somewhat timidly..”Well, I’ve been dying for a smoke,” she said, “but I didn’t want to wake you up…got a light?” Damn, I thought to myself…I had quit smoking some years back, but I would hate to turn down this girls’ request…at least I should try to keep the conversation going. “Sorry, I don’t” I replied. Surprised how stiff I sounded, I caught my breath and continued in a much friendlier tone..“But I think a good conversation is the best way to fight any urge you might have....” She gave me an intrigued look. “Do u mind if I sit down?...” she asked. “Oh, please do…” I replied, “Its kind of lonely over here… ”

She sat down next to me and we started to chit-chat. We talked about my life in Beijing. Hers in Singapore. That kind of stuff. I learned she was a fourth-year student at NUS. Now in her last year, she was in the midst of writing her thesis. Tired of pulling long hours in the stuffy university library, she came down here every Monday to do some reading in the open air. We got on really well. Once and a while I pulled a joke, making her laugh. She had a real cute smile. I was definitely attracted to her. As we spoke, I couldn’t help to stare at her sexy body. I think she noticed, but she seemed to enjoy my eyes caressing her curves. At least, she kept the conversation going very casually, pretending not to notice.

Her phone went off in her bag. As she grabbed for the bag behind her, her skirt skipped up her legs, exposing her thighs. I got a quick glimpse of the curves of her pelvis under her transparent looking red panties. I hadn’t been laid for a couple of days, so this sight triggered a reaction in my body and mind. My heart began beating faster, and I could feel my cock swelling in my pants. I tried to discreetly cover it up by pulling down my t-shirt over the now rather noticeable bulge. My face turned red from embarrassment and excitement. Noticing my reaction, she looked me directly in the eyes, with her lips turned to a devilish grin. ”Come with me,” she said as she took my hand. “I want to show you something…I think you’ll like it.” Hand-in-hand, we crossed the lawn back to her spot. She pushed some branches aside in the vegetation next to where she had been sitting, opening up a small pathway leading into the dark vegetation…. “C’mon..don’t be scared….I wont bite you, you know” she chuckled as she pulled me into the bushes.

I didn’t know what to think but I followed suite.The path was only three or four meters long, ending in a small pocket of empty space, like a small cove of in the midst of the vegetation. A network of branches formed a thick canopy, letting only some rays of sun through. The ground was covered with dead leaves, forming a very comfortable bed. The air was thick and heavy of the smell of orchids. She laid down and smiled at me with a naughty look in her eyes, “Not gonna join me??” A chill of excitement spread through my body. I opened my mouth to reply, but she put her index finger on her lips...“Schhhh……stay quite…someone might hear us…just come over..”

Now I knew what to do..I laid down next to her, with my right hand on her hip. I leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. She lay still with her eyes closed. I put my hand on her cheek, and kissed her again, this time a bit more aggressively. She willingly opened her mouth, and our tongues united in a long, wet kiss. Her tongue rubbing mine sent vibrations through my body. Loosing any remaining inhabitations, I let my hands run down her back as our tongues poked at each other in a wild dance of passion. Her nipples pushed against the thin fabric. I pinched them lightly, making her catch her breath. I was getting inpatient now. Taking her top off, I slid first one, then the other bra strap off her shoulders. Her breasts were just as beautiful as I had imagined ‒ firm with dark areoles, her nipples hardening. I cupped my hands around her breasts. They seemed big for her slim body (or was my hands to small?)

By now, her passion had turned to wild, raw horniness. She was breathing heavily with her lips parted. Some perspiration sprinkled the top of her forehead and her dark eyes sparkled with desire. Deciding not to waste any more time, I pulled her body close to me, kissing her passionately while fondling her breast. I kissed her neck, nibbled her earlobes, and let my tongue run down her shoulders and chest. Placing wet kisses around her firm bust, I encircled her swollen areola with my hot tongue, occasionally flipping the tip over her hard nipples. She moaned back in pleasure…

My mind was already set on what was to come. Let me be honest - I love eating pussy!! I never understand guys who don’t. The sweet taste of flowing pussy juices makes my blood boil…just the thought make my hair stand up. So I kept licking, kissing and sucking my way down her chest and stomach while rubbing her nipples between my thumb and index finger. I removed her skirt. She was really getting’ worked up now, breathing heavily as I kissed and caressed the inside of her thighs with my hand in slow, sweeping movements. Gently pressing her legs apart, I could see that a wet dark patch had formed at the center of her red panties.

She was definitely ready now…without further delay, I slid her panties down her legs, exposing her pussy. To my delight, it was clean shaved, with a neatly trimmed bush of pubic hear on top. I took a deep breath, taking in the enticing smell of desire that oozed out from her flesh. She gasped as she felt my breath at the doorstep of her aching pussy. Pushing her hips up against my face, her wet lips parted and the clit peaked out under its hood of red-flesh. Refusing to succumb to a sudden urge of sucking her into mouth, I began licking around the hairless mound above her warm, inviting opening. She gasped as I let my tongue travel down along her outer lips, every time just bit closer to her throbbing love button. I gently began kissing her pussy lips, licking them from butt hole to clit. The feeling of my lips making contact with hers sent her head rocking from side to side. “Goooodddd..that’s sooooo good…don’t stooppp…don’t stooppp!!!” She put her hands behind my neck, pulling my head closer to her pelvis. I responded by sucking in her lips into my mouth, tugging them as far as they could stretch, then letting them snap back.

I couldn’t bear myself any longer ‒ I let the tip of my tongue touch her clit. She arched back and released another loud moan as her legs shivered in pleasure. I spent the next couple of minutes nubbin her clit between my lips and tongue. Once and a while, I stopped the drill for a couple of seconds, letting my tongue slide down her soaking crack and loudly sucking her salty love juices. “OHHhh…I love eating your pussy, baby…it taste soooo good!!” I mumbled, keeping my tongue flickering on her flesh. I inserted my index finger into her welcoming puss, then one more, and started to move them in and out, faster and faster. The combination of my hard tongue playing on her clit and my two fingers pumping her wetness made wonders. She exploded in a glorious orgasm, sending her hips into wild convulsions as she pressed a guttural scream out from the bottom of throat…Her body relaxed…I lied still for a while, gently licking her not to waste a single drop of her gorgeous juices.

Regaining her power, she stood up and gave me a sloppy, passionate kiss. Having been rather passive so far, she now quickly took control of over the game. She dropped to her knees, eagerly pulling at my zip and extracting my swollen cock. My erection had subsided somewhat, but it quickly regained its stature as she started to pump me with long, powerful strokes. Clutching my shaft firmly in her hand, the head leaked a shining pearl drop of pre-cum from the tip. Looking me straight in the eyes, she placed her tongue at the base of my cock and slowly let in run all the way up along the shaft to the top of the head. My pre-come left a slimy trail on her lips. “Jummy!! you taste good tooo” she said. Not wasting another second, she encircled my head with her lips, sucking in my throbbing cock into her hot mouth.

I couldn’t take the sight of this young nymphet with my now rock-hard cock in her month for long. “I cant take this anymore..baby…I want you sooo badly…let me give it to you, pleasseee let me have u..” I pressed out between close lips. As soon as I uttered my request, she pulled my member out of her mouth, resolutely pushed me back on my butt, and repositioned herself on top of me. Taking my rod in her right hand, she guided it to her wet, slipper love tunnel. Finding it, she stopped for a second.

The sexual energy lay thick in our secret love-nest. I heard a dog bark somewhere far in the background. How did I end up here? What if someone would find us like this..?. I could feel the top of my dick touching her outer lips. I thought I could sense the mix of her juices and my saliva trickling down my shaft. With her hands on my shoulders, and her body arched above mine, she slowly slid down on my cock, inch by inch, in one long extended movement. Her hot wetness engulfing me all the way to the root sent waves of fiery signals through my body. We both gasped in pleasure and excitement….

I must say this gal was extremely skilled for her rare age in the art of fucking. She started off by rocketing forth and back on my throbbing shaft, throwing her head back, letting the long black hair touch the ground. I could only enjoy the sight, taking turn fondling her breasts, kissing her nipples, and playfully spanking her ass with my open hands. The sloppy sound of our lovemaking and my hands smacking her buttocks drove us both to a new level of sinful passion. Straddling me with her feet firmly placed on each side of my body, she took a squatting position and started to ram her pelvis against my hard shaft in long hard movements.

She quickly got tired, so I suggested that she got on her fours. She willingly did, propping her ass up for my inspection. “ Oooh,..yea baby, give me it to me hard from behind!! Fuck me!! Fuck me!! ..” I stopped for second, just to take it all in. Her ass was perfectly shaped. Buttocks firm. Her skin spotless in color and smooth as silk. With my cock in my right hand, I let it run over the butt-hole down along her slippery lips towards her gaping pussy. I slowly let it slide in. Once hitting the bottom, I withdrew my rod completely and then abruptly slammed it back inside to the hilt. I did this maneuver a dozen more times or so, each time a little faster, a little harder. I could feel her clutching my butt, straining to get every inch of my hardness deep inside her as my balls slapped her ass in a steady rhythm. "Ooooaaahhh yeeess! Faster!! Faster!!!" she commanded me. I eagerly replied, thrusting my cock all the way in a feverous speed.

I can normally last for at least half an hour of lovemaking but this encounter was too passionate. At the speed we were going I knew I couldn’t take it much longer. But I wanted to make her cum again before letting myself go, so I rolled her over on her back. Responding quickly, she put her hands behind her legs and pulled them back against her body. I re-inserted my cock and penetrated her all the way to the bottom, pumping her in long hard strokes while putting my thumb to work on her clit. It seemed to do the trick cause I didn’t have to do it for long until her body started to shiver again. “I am coming baby..OOhhh baby, I am comin!! I am cooommmminn!” she extolled. Feeling her wet inside squeezing my cock, I pounded her harder and faster as the pressure was building up in my body. Emanating from my balls, the tension spread all along the spine through to the top of my shaft. In the last second, I pulled my rod out and started to jerk it crazily. She seemed to be enjoying the sight. “Baby, cmmon..baby, cum on my wet pussy!! Give it to me, baby!!! Give it to mmEEE!!!.” she screamed as she fingered herself in front of me.. That was too much ‒ I came, squirting thick, creamy shots of cum all out all over her pussy, her stomach and breasts. She too climaxed again, grunting and groaning, with hips jerking out of control. Exhausted, I collapsed on top of her, feeling the sweet mix of sweat, cum and pussy juices stick between our two boiling bodies.

Do I need to say that my boring trips down to Singapore were boring no more?

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