Story for the Ladies  

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1/5/2006 8:28 am

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Story for the Ladies

Just something for the ladies I wrote.

I'm in your city for a conf. We make plans for you to meet me at my hotel. You show up about 7 pm. Your dressed in a black slik top and and matching short skirt. When you come in the rooms I take you in my arms and start to gently kiss your lips as my hands caress your back and sides. Our kissed grow hotter, my tongue exploring your mouth, my hands moving to caress your sexy butt. My body is pressed tightly against your, you can feel my cock harden as we kiss. My kisses move to your neck and ear lobes. I gently nibble and kiss your neck as I start to unbutton your top. My kisses move lower, beween your breast as I remove your top. Your wearing a black lace bra. I my kisses move back to your lips as I unfasten your bra and remove it. My hands cup your breasts, my fingers rubbing your now hard nipples. I cup one breast and lower my mouth to it. My tongue lightly touches your nipple, teasing it. Then I take it in my mouth and gently suck it as I unzip your skirt. Your wearing black thongs under your skirt. My hand caresses your almost bare ass as I suck harder on your nipples, moving from one to the other. I take your by the hand as lead you to the bed and lay you down there. I finish undressing and join your there. We kiss deeply as my hand slips between your legs to gently rub your pantie coverd pussy. I can feel your wetness through your thong. I pull your thong to one side and start to caress your hot pussy lips. Your pussy lips are freshly shaved for me like I asked you to. My finger rubs across your clit and slide deep inside your wet pussy. I gently work it in and out as i start to kiss down your body. I kiss and nibble slowly down your body. I remove your thongs and spread your legs wide. My tongue starts to caress your pussy lips. Licking from your clit to your asshole and back. I spread your pussy lips with my fingers and start to very lightly lick your clit.
My tongue teaseing your hot wet pussy. I slip a finger back inside you, gently working it in and out as I tease your clit. Then I suck your clit into my mouth and work my tongue quickly over it as I suck on it. Another finger joins the other one in your pussy. I start to work them in and out faster and harder. You arch your back to take my fingers deeper in you. Your hand is on the back of my head pushing my face down on your pussy, the other is pulling on your nipples as you get closer to cumming for me. I can feel your body trembling as you get closer and closer to cumming. I remove my fingers and replace them with my tongue, it moving in small cricles inside you. My fingers rub your clit. I hear you calling my name as you start to cum for me. I feel your pussy grip my tongue as you start to cum. I drink your juices, enjoying them like they were the finest wine as you soak my face with them. After you cum I gently licks your pussy lips clean of all your juices and move back up to kiss you deep and I hold you tightly in my arms

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