Why do chicks get to do it only with other chicks in here?  

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3/5/2006 3:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why do chicks get to do it only with other chicks in here?

Almost that is. I think that is because they never get in touch with guys who love to lick pussy. ( like me )
I think when guys lick with pasion, then girls wouldnt walk to the otherside that much as they do now. I know we are not be able to change the real lesbiens amon them but bi-curious will keep on inviting us the pasioned male lovers. I mean look at the amound of men in here and against that the small amount of woman. And if we lost more woman to there own side there will be one day nothing left for us man. So Men be serious and pasioned when you are being invited by this fine species called " women ". Myself I think made a good start with the first meeting yesterday with Denise ( Thnx Denise you where great to )Ww made love for 2½ hours and we where both satisfied for shure. Like see came it was not possible to fake i would have noticed.
I counted 4 but it could have been some small ones more!
So I hope all men will do there very best so we wont loose 1 single women more to there own side.
Come on men you see to chicks together playing and with 99% off girl to girl power they use artificial dicks we have the real thing. what is this??

Ladies XXXXAndré

this is my real name, I wanted to tell you all this because the woman who visit me yesterday allmost not want to visit because off my bad choice off Alias pussylicker2564.
Dont think see is still thinking the same about this now!

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