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10/4/2005 8:24 pm

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I am writing this blog so that others may find some insight into the fact that enjoying another woman is an acceptable form of self fullfillment in this every changing world we live in.

I was with my husband at his friend's barbacue, early in the summer. The weather was very warm for that time of the year and i wore a tank top and medium skirt along with sandles. Our host's wife was a thin 30ish brunette, fairly attractive for a woman, wearing a jean's shorts and a short sleeved shirt tied mid section. There was wine and beer at the party and i had a couple of glasses of white wine, some had quite a bit more and i could see that they had a hard time walking straight. Anyway, one of the guys had some pasta with red sauce on his dish and go figure being drunk he tripped on a chair and the pasta went flying directly on my top! As you could imagine, i was quite pissed and was ready to go home. Soon after, my husband's friends wife came up to me and said,"i have a clean shirt you can borrow, come with me." She escorted me up to the master bedroom, picked out a pink blouse and gave it to me. I went into the bathroom and put it on. When i came out, she asked me if i would look at her dresses she recently purchased and wanted my opinion as to which one she would ware to a wedding she would attend at the end of the month. I agreed and followed her back to the master bedroom. I sat on the edge of her bed while she removed three dresses from her walkin closet. One was a silky red with sequence, the other a hunter green, and the last a black silk dress, strapless and about knee high. I quickly told her that the black one was very sexy and would look good on her. She asked if she could try it on so that she could finalize her descision. I nodded my head.
She removed her shorts and unknotted her shirt.
Wearing tight white panties and a bra, i noticed she was shaved behind those panties, so i don't know what came over me but i said to her,"not to sound weird or anything, but i couldn't help how smooth you are between you legs." She quickly looked up at me and said,"well, it is not easy to keep myself like this but i shave myself often and apply a gel that keeps me smooth."
I asked, "Do really feel the difference?"
She replied,"Oh definetly!" She walked in front of me and removed her panties and said,"Here, feel the this." She grabbed my hand and had me feel her pussy. At first i just let her brush my had against her, i then began to move my fingers inside her, lightly. She began to push my hand harder against her so that know i had two finger inside her vagina. She pulled my hand back and forth faster and faster, i could feel her inside getting very wet. Moaning, she asked,"Have you ever tasted another woman before?" Kinda in a daze i replied'"No."
She remarked,"Do you want to tase me?"
I answered sofly,"yes." At that she slowly pulled my hand away and let go. She then climbed up at the edge of the bed i was sitting on, spread her legs over my face and guided my head in between her legs until my tongue was deep inside her smooth,wet, pussy. I began to twist my tongue all around inside of her, capturing all the wettness she could produce. My lips and face were glissining with her cum, oh how sweet is tasted, i couldn't get enough, my mind was clear of all the issues i had to deal with for that moment and i felt as though i found the fountain of youth. After half an hour, she climbed down off the bed and stood in front of me. She guided me flat on the bed, lifted my skirt, pulled my panties off and began the event on me this time. Her tongued licking and digging deep in my pussy, i could feel myself dripping, and my clit being shifted back and forth by her tongue. She began to suck and knibble, i began to moan and spread my vagina for her to go deeper. It was almost an hour before we got back to the party and my husband asked me where i got the shirt. Men, oblivious to so much yet i guess they have their role. But i think they can be substituted in some ways. Anyway, that was my unexpected revelation to my hidden side.

rm_maggienme 60M/60F

10/4/2005 8:59 pm

Thankyou...I am as hard as a rock. And I truly hope mt bi-curious wife has a chance for that kind of passion with another woman. She has recently learned to ejaculate and now understands why guys like it so much. I would be a quivvering mess to see her cum on another woman's breasts and slide around in the liquid love. I hope someday to be the third party in her fantasy but for tonight I am the throbbing voyeur in yours................

BonnieBoy2 57M

10/4/2005 9:50 pm

Yummy! I've always known I was a "lesbian trapped in a man's body"

I honestly think it's the most natural thing in the world for women to enjoy each other's bodies. You are built to be sensual and to prolong your pleasure for much longer than men. Not to say men can't learn to be sensuous and to escape the wham bam thank you ma'am syndrome. But it's built into the female of the species whereas we crude monkey boys need to learn it.

I look forward to more revelations from you.

closetfreaks1008 38M/38F
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10/4/2005 10:57 pm

That was awsome,it was hot and sexy but sensual at the same time .It was like a story straight out of penthouse only believable .Great job I think both sexes will enjoy this one . I look forward to seeing more from you.

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