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9/25/2005 12:32 am

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Female Friends

This weekend is the last weekend I will have any female friends in the DC area. They have all relocated to another state or country due to grad school, work or marriage.

I can make a million guys friends and still not really have any friends at all. Guys of course call other guys to hang out, to party and to take road trips. They don't call females unless it's a girlfriend or wife.

Wether men know this or not, but as a female it's hard to make friends in this area. Even though the male to female ratio is 1:2.5, you'd think that every woman in this area would have a groupd of friend to hang out.

That is not the case. This occurs for several reasons. Many of the women here are only interested in what you can do for them and who you happen to know. Essentially it's almost like being a man, if you can't do anythign for a particular chick, than you're worthless to them. That's one reason.

Another reason is the guy or guys each female is dating. Believe it or not women do freak out about things like this. I might happen to meet another female that has the same frame of thought on certain topics as I do. However, the oppurtunity or chance to hang out will hinge on one thing, the boyfriend. Why is this? No matter how unattractive or sencire you are in wanting to have female friends as long as ther's aboyfriend you have no chance of making a new friend. For the most part the chick you just met is concerned tha tyou will or that you will try to steal her guy. No matter how ugly he is she will still think this.

The last major reason is that you're not a lesbian. Why does this make things difficult? If you're a lesbian it's a little easier to find a group of friends. If you start dating a female, you'll be intorduced and taken to all of the lesbian friendly bars and locales. You'll have an instant repoire with everyone there. However if you're straight and you tell some lesbians you're pushed into the black hole. This isn't always the case, but you can and will be referred to as the straight chick or man lover.

So the next you meet a fun lady and wonder to yourself why she has a bunch of guy freinds and no or only one female friend you know why. It's not from a lack of trying


8/5/2006 5:12 pm

i was gonna put something here but i just realised how old this blog has been sitting here ,so i am just gonna make it short and say that it depends on your friends some guys they like to hang around with thier buddies but not all the guys ,i have allways had gal friends around without having sexual relationship with them we used to do every thing ofcourse with some had sex as well

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