Always a crisis  

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9/22/2005 8:30 pm

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Always a crisis

Below leaving college, my sex life was only interupted by roommates. After college my life is still interupted occasionally by roommates. However, it seems that my job is interupting my sex life even more.

for instance christmas 2003, the earthquake in Iran, I returned home after visiting the family only to have one day at the apartment to myself and then get on another plane and head to Iran.

Christmas 2004, there's the tsunami and after returning from christmas it was mass deployment. I was planning a nice little vacation to visit a friend in Peru and along comes Katrina. No we can welcome Rita.

Don't get me wrong, no one can control naturally occurring elements or acts of God as the insurance companies will. It's amazing that I have just realized the lack of sex that I am experiencing is the result of work. No wonder there are married couples that divorce and couples that swing. if on or both are heading off to save people during time sof natural disaster, it can make two very sexually deprived people cranky because they aren't gettign off and more likely to cheat.

Isn't that why men alays tell the person they cheat on that's it's just sex? It's not an emotion, it's just release of sexual energy and total muscle relation after and intesnse orgasm that helps keep you sane.

I'm fucking someone soon, before I'm shipped off to Texas.

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