Third Meeting  

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6/24/2005 4:30 am

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Third Meeting

Okay, I promise from now on not to chronicle my AdultFriendFinder meetings in numerical order. And, just to be clear, I'm not writing this blog to brag about meeting women from this site. Rather, I'm writing this to give hope to the other nerds here like me who use AdultFriendFinder.

So, anyway, the third lady I met on here was really something. She was beautiful, caring and very, very smart. I was immediately attracted to her. And, for some reason, she didn't seem to be altogether repulsed by me.
We did the usual email exchanges, IMs and phone conversations until, eventually, we decided to meet. She preferred to meet at a hotel, which was fine with me. Armed with my new knowledge of condoms (extra thin this time) and my "perfect penis", I was very confident.

We met in the parking lot of the hotel and she came to my car and we sat and talked for a few minutes. She was coming straight from her work, so I figured she might be hungry. She seemed impressed when I asked her if she wanted to get a bite to eat. (Honestly, I was impressed, too. Who knew that hunger was more powerful than horiness?)

While we were eating, she told me she had some bad news. I figured she was going to tell me taht she didn't want to go through with our plan, but instead, she told me that she started her period that morning and she would understand if I didn't want to do it. Well, I'll tell you this, it takes a lot more than a little period to keep me away, that's for sure!

So, we checked into the hotel, (I told the desk clerk we were a married couple passing through on our way to Disney World. She asked where we were from and I told her Maryland. Then, she asked for my driver's license which showed that I lived pretty close to the hotel... I really need to put more thought into my hotel clerk lies.) We finally made it into our room. We talked for a while and watched a little tv. She turned the channel on C-SPAN. Read that sentence again if you don't mind. She turned the channel on C-SPAN...C-FREAKING-SPAN!!! What in the world? I mean, is that a turn on for you ladies? Does watching Congress in action get your juices flowing? Well, in any case, I was able to block out the image of Hillary Clinton giving a speech on the Senate floor and start making my move.

I used all of my standard foreplay moves and finally, my hands found the "promised land." At this point, I usually start doing what I love to do best. (See my username for details.) But, as previously mentioned, her period had started so that was out of the question. So, I let my fingers do the walking. And, apparently, they walking in the right spots because she took to screaming something fierce. A good kind of screaming, mind you, but it was loud. Kinda freaked me out at first, but I was thinking, "Oh yeah, I'm the man. Just wait 'till she sees my perfect penis."

Between the screaming, moaning and obscenities, I was still able to hear people walking outside of our door. It sounded like three or four people outside. Then, I heard voices. I listened more closely and I heard a child's voice. Then, the door next to our room opened and I heard the footsteps go inside. It occured to me that a family was going to be staying in the next room and they would be able to hear the primal, lustful screams of my date. (Gosh only knows why she was carrying on so much. Maybe she was pretending I was Brad Pitt or something.)

In any case, I felt bad about the folks next door, so I asked my date if she could keep it down a bit. But, she said she always got loud during sex and that she couldn't help it. (Nice to know I wasn't anything special.) She told me to relax and "stick it in already." But, I couldn't. I just couldn't do it. I mean, I could, physically, but something kept me from doing it. It's like, deep down, my penis had a conscience. I told her I couldn't do it and explained why. She was disappointed, but seemed oddly satisfied anyway. (I'll never understand women!)

We spent another two hours or so lying naked together in bed talking, cuddling, making out a bit and just enjoying each other's company. It turned out to be a great night even though I didn't have an orgasm. (I was hoping for a courtesy blow, though.)

We keep in touch to this day. She's a very good friend and someone I could potentially see myself dating, but the distance between us (about 80 miles) and the fact that we're both busy single parents makes it unrealistic. We never did have sex and I regret that, (she was HOT!), but we shared something special that night that I'll always treasure. Something about lying naked in bed, watching C-SPAN and cuddling really makes a guy feel warm and fuzzy inside. I just hate she didn't get to experience my perfect penis. (It wouldn't have hurt her!)

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