honey why i like it  

pussy4sel 46F
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6/24/2006 7:07 pm
honey why i like it

i like for my honey to be warmed up just a little so when it is poured on my nipples it sends a sensation down my body then he gently sucks it off no he left just enough to suck off a little harder. now he is pouring it down my naval to my pussy. ohhhhhh then the licking starts he takes me like he is very hungery cause he doesn't let up even thou he knows i've cum over five times now. easys up just alittle to flip me now he is pouring it down my ass i almost can not take it anymore. then yes then he parts my ass with his tongue and takes my ass with no mercy i have never had a cum so hard in my life just as i was about to return the favor in walks his wife the rest of the story later!!!!!

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