To all you guys that wrote to me  

pusskins2000 41F
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6/5/2005 6:24 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

To all you guys that wrote to me

Thanks. I am really flattered because I think of myself as just an ordinary person with an extraordinary sex appetite. I'm not interested in children, marriage or can I say the R word or let's just say I'm a little too liberal to be a George Bush Yes Girl. I'll keep politics in the trash can for now, sorry about that.

Many people would call me an abused child, but unfortunately I enjoyed every minute of their (step family) sex games. No one ever hurt me or me, it was more of a mutual free for all fuck ranch, and I can't over emphasize the ranch part because we were literally in the middle of nowhere. If anyone got started in the bathtub, it was me! I don't even remember getting a bath without one of them washing me but I can say it was always enjoyable. I take showers now but will never forget the one and sometimes two hour tub sessions where my tittys got washed very well and my bottom shaved as soon as I started growing into puberty. My uncles and yes even step father taught me to enjoy life and I have been ever since. There is no way I will go a day without the Big D in me, even if I have to BUY one haha! Dicks, cocks, pricks, chubbies, whatever I came to know them, have always been my best friends. Show me your cock and I'll show you how to ride. I'm a cowgirl at heart and put my yaho's ahead of any thing else and of course can invite you to a pary if I like you. Write me if you have time and we'll ride ride ride!

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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6/6/2005 1:30 pm

WOOOHOOO! I love rodeo!

tastytreatnu2 46M

6/7/2005 8:30 pm

well want to ride well then hmmmmmmm have to meet me if u wanna ride hehehe

Rockhard2x6 54M

6/9/2005 9:19 am

Why can't you be in north atlanta near me. I love a cowgirl ride.

keithcancook 60M
17865 posts
6/12/2005 11:35 pm

I have a feeling u r going to be very popular with the males around here.

pusskins2000 41F

6/20/2005 3:51 pm

Yea only to be emailed would be better as I can't join yet. Maybe soon. Those invites don't work.

jimxxx1971 47M

6/23/2005 7:14 am

*raises hand to volunteer for the giving pusskins2000 a bath chore*

thebrezeee 56M
8 posts
6/27/2005 4:06 am

would love to cum party with ya girl name the place and i will be there ..keep on writin ..its great !

tonguejob69 46M
5 posts
6/28/2005 10:52 am

You seem to have a wonderful life. I won't mind riding with you.

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