The Doctor Visit  

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6/30/2005 9:02 am

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The Doctor Visit

I need help fixing a computer glitch. Seems I have clicked a keep me on this computer and now it won't let anyone else on AdultFriendFinder! KJ is going to be pissed how do I fix this before he gets back on here?

When I was young I didn't see the Dr. very often in fact I think he only came around about once a year or if someone was dieing. He also did some vet work for the wranglers as they had problems and not many vets I guess. Sonny had been whispering and looking over some pages and charges with him during this visit and then the receptionist. The pretty woman which I remembered from living at our ranch years before this, named Lori, came over and said I would need a pelvic exam and the Dr. was right behind her.

I had never seen the stirrups arranged like this before and had some fun spreading it out for them as exhibionisim was my middle name after all I'd been through. It wasn't embarrassing at all in fact I kind of liked the attention. First he put his fingers in me and then she did as he was supposedly training her for some procedures. They removed the steri-strips that Sonny had about glued on to me and sprayed on some sort of ice o cane or something that felt cold. He popped a few stitches in the area and said that Sonny advised him to test the anal cavity to make sure that the stitches would hold. As I was shaking my head yes, she placed this small vibrator, my first experience with them, near my clitty and then wet it with her sylivia, which I though unusual but they were the medical team! He had exposed is dick and said this wouldn't hurt, only a test. It wasn't very big but it was as hard as the vibrator, and as I assumed the position as Sonny had directed, (doggy was the all purpose exam and test position on our ranch) he placed a finger in my anal cavity with some sort of rubber gloves on. I know was licking and spitting in the area to to cause more wetness, as I could feel his warm breath on my ass. He then thrust is penis in me and with that vibrator going I started cumming all over the desk where they had me. Sonny was holding me by then and kissing me saying that I was the best girl on the ranch and that there would be a special surprise for me when I got back. Lori got me off at least twice more when they retreated and left us to get dressed, where she explained that this was never to be told as it was a special family thing. I agreed but here I am telling the world. Oh well it is all in fun now. He has retired I think.

It was a surprise as I thought the sex business was only for the family. I found out later on that Dr had been in on it since he was in Med school and came back for visits whenever he was in the area. Lori was his wife, I found out years later. So you see, I have to embellish the places as That town probably still only has 2 Drs. I was to see them many times afterwards for various problems and parties and only had to pay for the pills. (to be cont'd)

rm_indophilist 36M

7/1/2005 8:57 am

Wow! I'm speechless (but salivating)

rm_DoctorC 65M
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7/4/2005 12:02 am

Great Job Pusskins but the people her call me Doctor C for Cock haha, but you can call me KJ all you want, we are in Boca Raton tonight folks, be back around Wednesday, looking for party places arount Ft Lauderdale tomorrow.

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