Sonny vs The Garage Men-- at the clinic  

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6/28/2005 3:18 pm

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Sonny vs The Garage Men-- at the clinic

Yes it's my story for you that had to ask. Why is it hard to belive that a Wyoming Hic Rancher girl could even approach the typing of words. My job is writing copy for media, and I can type pretty fast, just not that accurate as we have bells and whistles to speed this up. Just write and we'll show you a good life.

It didn't surprise me that Sonny forgot what day it was when we set out Saturday Morning instead of Monday morning as the clinic was almost never open on Sundays but he made good use of his time with me catching me up on some lessons I hadn't done or discussing life with me. He was old enough to be my father and didn't mind if I called him my easy riding daddy, as we used to go horse riding together way back when. He was still just a wrangler and we weren't supposed to do one on ones with wranglers or garage men, except blowing or sucking jisim with them as that was always welcomed by anyone anytime and all one needed to do to get results was simply ask. We were trained from little children to simply ask the question and most probably they would be able to accomodate the request. He explained, they look the other way on that issue with him as he was an insider, in that he ran their first aid clinic and was the one everyone looked to for medical answers.

I understood from jewels that he had dropped out of veterinary school when he found out that he had to put animals to sleep quite frequently when the customer requested it or there was no help. Sonny was too soft spoken to kill things except that wanton one eyed pocket lizard that he jokingly called "tiny" as part of the shock factor. It wasn't tiny at all, and even in the shower was thick and pendulas which mesmorized me as far back as I can remember to watch swing back and fourth with a dance he did for us. All the way to Jackson Hole, he had me stroking it and blowing Jisim with him when we weren't discussing missed lessons. He was careful not to tear any more of my taint area when he kissed me and licked my clitty. Remember, just ask and many times I asked several rough gruff men if they would lick my clitty for me, and can't remember ever being turned down, although Sonny wasn't a big fan of it, said it was like licking a raw chicken, the Doctor gave him some salve for me that made it better for him. I think it was cordazone and spearmint paste as he was a lot happier and lasted a little longer at it with the cream. I even liked the taste and used it on several men that needed a cleaning. We had all day Sunday and went to the Silver Dollar for dinner on Sat Night. I liked eating in restaurants but didn't have a lot of time in them until I went to college. Being a nudist for most of my natural life, I would seem to forget the underclothes more than I should and that weekend was no exception. I did have on my shift or did they call them skiffs, don't remember as fashion wasn't and is still not my expertise. Anyway The doctor stichehed me a couple times and gave me some more cream for my redness, a common color for the girls on the ranch. Our labias were almost always showing a redness from the constant penetration and licking we were presented with and almost never rejected. Well would you? The mens organs were also usually darker in color or swollen with redness from us so it was a wash. Sonny used to kid them about it.

rm_indophilist 36M

6/28/2005 3:58 pm

You're not a hick.
Stranger stories are true.
Wouldn't mind more of your politics based on
what you've written so far.

MR2sexxy69 34M

6/29/2005 3:28 am

I have always loved being nude. In front of many people, it doesnt matter to me. whenever you want to get naked with me let me know.


rm_pchamp012004 55M
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6/29/2005 7:50 am

Nothing wrong with being a hick ... you certainly don't act like one

pusskins2000 40F

6/30/2005 8:21 am

Thanks guys, yea I'm a hic or hick whatever. I'm embarassed to say that alot of things I should have known by the time I was 8, are still surfacing. Like they call condoms "rubbers" and they are to prevent disease. It was a closed group I lived in and they prevented disease by seeing the Doctor and staying within that group. Babies were prevented with pills or a douche and you had to want to have a baby in order to get one! Assfucking was as popular as pussfucking, found out later this was not true. Most ranch families shared clothing among the similar siblings, and people had their own rooms with a chest of drawers of their very own, and closets! This I discovered in college dorms, although they do hand down clothes and shoes to younger children. Mens penis sizes are determined by genetics, rather than how turned on they were. I thought all dicks were hard until they took a shower, as I hadn't seen many soft ones. I still don't know where it feels the best on a man when they have sex as none of them ever answer that. Is it the head or the bottom where I learned in school was the best place. That sucking on the balls hurt many men but they put up with it because they thought I liked it better. It seems to create ballitis in many guys? What's That?? That the color of pussy skin on white girls is really white like your leg or arms. Mine was always pink like a sore spanked ass. I could go on and on but I'm still learning the ropes. Thanks for the nice comments. Notice the girls hardly ever comment here unless it's a help line question.

rm_DoctorC 65M
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7/4/2005 12:07 am

If you're a hick, I'm Japanese Geisha! Guys, this woman is the State of the Art. We are working towards a closed swing group as she has so clearly written about on these fine stories. You go girl, it's great!

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