Developments of engaging in a FREE sexual lifestyle  

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12/21/2005 11:23 am

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Developments of engaging in a FREE sexual lifestyle

I hope this will be an ongoing commentary of my experiances in joining FRESH!
First thimg i want all to know is that i just barely survived a shitty relationship!I'm a reservist and just got back from overseas.I was in a 2 yr relationship with someone,she-fuckin devil from hell!,and i left this SFDH in charge of finances while i was away.A fter about 6 mths. i was'nt recieving any letters,no e-mail,I went to draw a little money from my account and to my surprise there was none.Now to some of you high-rollers 15,000.00 is a drop,but it was all i had and have fought through,ex-criminal activities,drug addiction... finally straightening out my life and becoming a responsible society member,DAMN that sounds good!I really find it hard to believe i was let back in the service!GOD DOES SMILE ON US FOLKS! Anyway i'm in cincinnatti now,broke,but i'm a chef so jobland here i come,and staying at a transsitional house for vets.i'm the only one here in the actual service. Bunch of good guys,some in recovery from different addictions,but all basically wanting to become loved folk! Hey if this seems like i ramble a little this is my first attempt at telling my story,sorry ya'll.
Now i was in complete meltdown after retuning to States for about 3 mths,Not understanding what the hell went wrong and how could someone do this to someone who loved them!I was actually broken for sometime feeling very inadaquite and worthless for quite awhile.
Well now i've gotten over it and finding out that i'm on a new journey,exciting,and prepared for a hell of a ride,especially at my age! i've decided to live live it to it's fullest,take a trip and now i'm ready to try everything that i can!
That's what has brought me here.i'm here to suck up joy,thrills,excitement!i'm a man that loves to give lovin and i hope everyone i meet here will be a great experience.
Well heres to hooking up

pussetinfool0 50M
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12/21/2005 8:19 pm

hey to all you bloggers i hoe you did'nt think i was trying to enflate my ego with the amount of money i had listed!! Sorry type-o
the amount was only 15,000.00$ still alot to me!

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