A Dream  

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7/4/2006 12:13 am
A Dream

“A Dream” jcr

Perhaps I’m dreaming?
Yes, it must be true,
For my eyes have never seen beauty quite as you.
The gently flowing contours of your silhouette are very pleasing to my eyes.
Beauty quite rare sweet lady…
The youthful joy within your eyes shine brightly as the new day dawn,
Your happy smile that holds me spell bound
The gentle tones of your voice, caress my ears and soothes my weary mind.
I wish I could know you…
To hold the softness of your hand,
The warmth and kindness of your soul,
The beauty and truth within your mind
…all the happiness and sadness that is your love.
I wish to know you…and all that is you…
Yet, would I be pleasing to you?
Will the chance be mine, to give you what I hold.
Shall we ever see the sunlight as we wake to share another day…
Could our lips meet to feel that gentle ecstasy…
Replaced by the warmth of love passed between us.
I do not know…
But oh, how I want to show you the goodness in my soul…
The forgiving, gentle love which is all I have to give.
To give…all within my power…
To share…all within my power…
Depending on another power…and each other…for all things.
And yet…I feel it shall be…

But a dream?

John Charles Rhoades

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