stressed and need relief  

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3/19/2006 10:08 pm
stressed and need relief

i have had a stressful month. i wont go into it but let me tell you i have about had all i wanted with drs.
anyway, i havent been able to see my friend for any fun and i have hardly had any from hubby. this has made for a difficult sleeping--i am writing at 11:30 pm on sun due to not being able to sleep.
some thoughts going on have been fun hehe and i will try to remember some of my dreams to let you know.

hubby and i went out of town for a wkend. we stayed in a motel that was rather nice and had 2 double beds in it. we decided to split up and kind of role play at a bar that wasn't too far away. i dressed in fish-net stockings with high heels, short skirt, tight blouse that had a deep cleavage. my face and hair were done to accent the fact that i was wanting to be noticed.
i left by taxi to go to the bar. as i entered, i noticed that most of the men there were hot with hard bodies and it got my pussy all wet. they definately noticed me. i started by getting a drink at the bar and watching a game of pool. i talked with the guys playing the game. drew and steve were their names. i flirted with them and kept crossing and uncrossing my legs to show that i didnt have any panties on. they were definately losing their concentration.
finally, hubby shows up in tight jeans and a nice shirt. he gets a beer at the bar and sits to watch what i am up to. he notices how i have made the 2 men hard with just the flash show. he came over and asked if he could join the game. they said that they needed a 4th so hubby asked if i played. i smiled wickedly and said,"depends on what u want to play." the 2 guys had to swallow and steady themselves. i told them that yeah i would love to play pool.
we started the game and hubby and i were partners so that the guys could have full view of all my movements. during the game, i would sit on the edge of the pool table with one foot down and lean wayyyyy over. this gave one guy a shot of my wet pussy and the other a shot of my naked tits inside my blouse. sometimes i asked for help and they were gentlemanly enough to give it to me. needless to say, i pressed my ass tightly into their swollen crouch.
after a few more beers and pool games, hubby says he has to leave for home. he says his wife is waiting on him. this is my cue that he is going back to the motel to wait for me and which ever guy i choose to take back with me. i sat and chatted with the guys in a circular booth, one on each side.
i alternately rubbed the leg of each guy trying to see who would pull back or who would play with me. it wasnt long before drew was rubbing the inside of my thigh and working his way up towards my now steaming pussy. when he finally got there, i leaned over and whispered in his ear, "if u want to fuck it, we need to get going."
shortly afterwards, steve decided he wanted to play pool with another chick that had come in. drew and i left in a taxi to the motel. as we were in the back seat of the taxi, drew slide his hand under my ass and started fingering my pussy. he kept telling me he couldnt wait to fuck me.
when we got to the motel, i opened the door to my room and stepped inside with drew right behind me. hubby was in the closet waiting to show himself later. drew and i stripped each other in the heat of passion. we fell on the bed entangled in each other. i pulled back so we could get completely on the bed in a way that would show hubby everything as he watched in the closet. i started to rub my DD tits on drews cock as it throbbed and bobbed infront of me.
drew moaned and tried to pull me up. i finally straddled him and stroked his cock as it poked infront of my pussy. his balls were getting wet from the juice of my cunt. i leaned forward and let him suck my tits. finally i rose and let his hard throbbing cock slide into my dripping pussy. i started to rock on his cock as he grabbed my hips. he was raising me and slamming his cock deep in me.
i stopped for a second to go down and lick my juices off his cock. i used my tongue and slide it from the base to the tip of is cock and all around the head. i then took him in my mouth all the way down til my nose was buried in his fur.
after a few strokes with my mouth, i slid his cock back into my pussy. this time i wanted to fuck hard. drew rolled us over without losing a stroke in my pussy. he then held my legs wide so he could pound my cunt hard. i knew my hubby was loving the site from the closet.
drew was pounding hard and my tits were swinging wild and i started to build to a massive orgasm. i could feel the tightening in my stomach and then in my cunt. drew's eyes flew open as my cunt squeezed all around his throbbing cock. it was all over then, he slammed into me deep. his throbbing cock let loose a hot thick load into my cunt as it squeezed with contractions of its own orgasm.
as we came down from the fuck high, hubby opened the closet door. drew's eyes grew big when he saw who it was. i kissed him and said, "dont worry, this is my hubby and he loves to watch me fuck others. he also likes to pull a 3some but just remember he is straight."
it took drew a few seconds to process what i had said and in that time my hubby had laid down on the other side of me. he lifted my leg and slid into my cum soaked pussy as i kept kissing and massaging drews cock. drews cock was swelling as he watched hubby fuck me from behind.
i had hubby pull out so that i could slide down on drews cock as i wanted on top of him. when i was filled with drews cock, i had my hubby slide his cock in along side drew's. mmmmmmmmmm i was soooo full. drew about lost it when he felt how tight i was. hubby and drew started fucking me. it was ackward at first but they finally got a good rhythm going. i was never without a cock in me. i started building to a massive orgasm. when i came, both guys slammed into me and shot their loads. we all collapsed on the bed. the cum oozed out of my cunt and onto the bed.
wellllllll that is where i woke up with a hot wet cunt and a hubby who was too sick to deal with it. hopefully, he will feel better later.

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