Tough Competition?  

pushed2far72 47M
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8/6/2005 3:16 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Tough Competition?

I come across this medium for the footloose and fancy free. I figure.. heck, I'm horny.. everybody else here is horny, I may actually have a sexual encounter.
Now, I think I'm a pretty decent looking guy (subjective). Yet I get Zilch for activity, so I figure "what the friggen aye?"
So I take a walk on the wild side over to the male genitalia spectrum to check out the competition... and holy crap!!! I'm competing against 20 something year old, washboard stomache, 40 inch dick guys at a 7-1 ratio of men over woman. So with a slight dent in both ego and pocket all I can ask is "What the friggen aye?"
Is the competition tough or what?
I shall have to become more tactical. I love a challenge!!

redmustang91 57M  
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8/6/2005 4:42 pm

Yes it is. So you have to distinguish yourself by something other than poor spelling.

Strytellr 36F

8/25/2005 7:11 am

You're very funny. I like your blog.

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