A long trip  

purplefroggie69 47F
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6/9/2006 8:42 pm
A long trip

Wow, a trip that started out to be a celebration of our 15 years together turned into a series of unplanned events. If I had been trying to watch what I was eatting at the time I am sure I would not have stayed on track for long. The day we got to GA my husband set out to see his mom. While he is talking to her to find out where she is at he hears a large crash and his mom says she has just been in a car accident. A young man ran a red light and plowed right into her. We cancelled the ceremony in order that she could be at it when she got better since she was in the hospital with multiple fractures and splinters to her right tibula. My wonderful husband took care of his mom that week in addition to helping get things going for the insurance companies and taking care of her pets at the house. On the 19th we left with my parents for our Alaskan cruise. A cruise that we almost cancelled because my grandpa was in the hospital in Philly with what turned out to be two tumors on his brain. The family and grandpa urged us to take our vacation so we did, if somewhat heavy hearted. We all enjoyed the vacation. We returned to GA on the 28th and Kerry visited his mom real quick before heading back to Texas that day. We got home to Texas on the 29th and spent a day not doing to much. Kerry tried to call his mom, but was told she was resting with a sedative so he decided he would call back later. He lost track of time and did not think about calling until it was to late. Sadly the next morning we were informed that Jeanne passed away during the early morning hours. My husband was now crushed that he did not make that call he night before. So, on Wednesday we drove back to GA, we got in at 1am Thursday, at which time we received a call at about 1:45am that my grandpa had also passed. Needless to say the past week has been a tough week. I could not be in Philly for my grandpa's funeral, nor to be with my family. But I know I was in the right place in GA with my husband. This is such a difficult time for him, I just can't imagine. I keep thinking of different things like the fact that he was looking forward to her coming to visit us as soon as she sold the house. And that will never happen now. Today while he was waiting for me to come out from work he would have normally called to check on his mom and he could not do that and it leave a void for him that he don't know how to fill right now. I make suggestions and I cry with him. I just don't know how to makeit better. So, we are trying to get back on with a regular routine, of which I need to eat healthier...so, stay tuned and give me that positive energy to lose more of this weight this year.

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