Warm up...  

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8/12/2006 1:35 pm

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Warm up...

Okay, so i've now put up my pics on the site and im gettin mor responses and i come across a profile that makes my eyes light up cos the guy sounds decent and best of all he loves to lick pussy!!! JACKPOT! so i chat to him and he has a sexy deep voice and evrytime he speaks i can jus hear his manliness. I manage to get out for the night and i meet him in his car.I leave my car and we take his to a 'secret location'.The secret location has an office and a pool table...i aint giving away any more. From the off i can see this guy ain't shy, he looks me up and down in a way that jus makes me wna him on the spot and even before we get to the place he's touching me and wrappin his arms round me, smellin the perfume on my skin and brushing my neck with his lips.As we get in and turn lights on, I'm hesitant cos i don't kno where he plans for us 2b, As it happens he catches me standing by the pool table and wraps his strong arms round my waist, we are both smiling as he begins to cover my neck with rapid hungry kisses.He backs me up to the pool table and i raise myself so i'm sitting on the edge and we enjoy some furious making out.I'm desperate for his lips on mine but torn because the feel of him on my face and neck make me wet with anticipation. He turns his attention to my breasts and i'm shocked because i didnt even notice wen he'd pulled my bra and top down. He licks my nipples eagerly and sucks them til they are hard, then begins to undo my belt without missing a beat. I take over and as i remove my jeans we switch so he is leaning on the table with me standing between his legs.More kissing follows and i take a chance and begin to flick my tongue over his nipples, he gasps when first touch him and i take my time, tracing circles on him. We move into the office where he clears the table and i lie back with my ass at the edge, he trails his tongue and lips dwn my inner thigh and swiftly makes me jump as he moves his attention to my clit and labia..His energy turns me on as he rampantly licks and sucks my pussy, making my body jerk involuntarily and sending shivers of delight through me. As my vagina begins to tighten ready for orgasm, i'm desperate for more and hold his head firmly between my legs,arching my back and pushing my pussy onto his enticing mouth. As his tongue delves inside me i reach an orgasm which rocks my whole body sending more items from the desk flying onto the floor. He leans against the table and i kneel before him, aware of his saliva running out of me and down my thighs. I kiss his balls gently taking the fine skin between my lips, sucking and tugging gently.as i work my way up the length of him, he moans and cover him with my mouth, my lips gently squeezing him, at the point jus under his head. I lick him, looking deep into his eyes,watching his reaction as i tease him, moaning and panting dirtily, while i lick and suck him like a lollipop. Then i surprise him and send my tongue in quick circles round and round his head, one way then the other and feel his body stiffen as i bring my mouth dwn over him till his cock hits the back of my throat.Soon he can take no more and he sits i a chair whilst i back into him.At first i bounce on him enjoying the sounds he makes n the way he holds onto me desperately.Then to maximise penetration i pull his arms tite around me so he leans back over me and wine my ass in his lap, feeling his cock pulsating deep within me.I come again, rocking back and forth on him.I turn around and climb onto him the other way, staddling him. I clamp my legs round his waist and rotate my hips quickly.His face changes each time i move on him and he doesnt kno what to do with himself it feels so good. he stands up and i hold onto his neck still wining on him as my legs hold me onto him.We move back to the table and he raises my legs and slams into me again and again.I feel it deep and cry out with pleasure, then he swings my legs so im on my side and he continues, sexing my pussy so good, i'm dumbstruck.He comes soon after, breathing heavily and smiles his sexy smile at me. We hav to leave the location but we both kno that we were only just getting started...2 b continued!

Generous2UG 41

8/15/2006 4:27 am

Wastin no time, baby! Dat's wat i like 2 C!
or is this just a fantasy?

purepulsingpussy replies on 8/15/2006 4:53 pm:
oh no hun...i wouldnt waste my time writing these if they weren't real...i even let the guys read them over to check they r accurate...Its all TRUE!

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