Rendez vous No. 2  

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8/5/2006 6:57 pm

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Rendez vous No. 2

So a few days go by and i'm out on a friday night with nowhere in mind to go. I drive up to 'Boy Next Door's hse and we go out.Evry place we try for is too well lit and we decided th common is actually way busier than it should be ain the early hours. He suggests we sneak into his and just keep quiet. I kno i don't wanna be blamed for pressuring anyone into stuff like that so i say its up 2 him cos its his yard. He goes inside to check the coast is clear and then I sneak in being careful not to step on the floorboards that creak. We make it into his room and I look around. Its cosy and is so much a boys room that i'm immediately comfortable. We lay on his bed kissing and enjoying the electricity between us...He reaches underneath my top and bra and takes my breasts in his hands, licking the nipples with soft strokes until they are hard and standing to attention. We take a couple of minutes to choose which condoms we want to use and then i lean over the edge of his bed whilst he starts to sex me, deep firm strokes turn into rapid more desperate thrusts and the sensation his penis creates inside me makes me moan and my heart race. He whispers at me to be quiet and i remember his family are only 2 floors above us. However,that is easier said than done and with the bed making more noise too,we move onto the floor, him on his back, with me straddling him facing away frm him. I start to ride slowly at first, judging his pace and soon end up bouncing on him, his penis driving into me each time deeper than before. His hands grab my hips desperate for me to go faster still and i relish the feeling of my ass slapping against him each time i come down on him. Soon the position takes its toll and we move into a chair,him seated and me backed into him,again we continue our sex in a flurry of bouncing and heavy breathing,both of us desperate to reach an orgasm we feel is near. Again we move back onto the bed and do it doggy-style. This time he doesn't hold back and i make more noise than i mean to as he sexes his way to orgasm, pulling me tight against him as he comes. We rest as we wait for him to recover and again begin to kiss and touch each other passionately. When he is hard again, he tells me to lie and he kneels between my legs. He starts to lick my vagina, pushing his tongue inside me, tenderly, before moving his attention to my clit. Even this is too much for me and i cry out, moaning in ecstasy. In trying to keep quiet i cannot relax enough to concentrate on orgasm and eventually get him to move further up on me and we begin to have sex in the missionary position. I finger myself while he thrusts into me and soon have an earth-shattering orgasm which leaves my body rocking with the strength of the contractions.It is well worth the wait and after that I'm wasted, back in a dream-like state of pleasure.We play for a while, me enjoying the torture of giving him head while he clutches his duvet in an effort not to make a sound as i repeatedly roll my tongue round his head before covering his penis with my mouth and flicking my tongue up his length. Before long, we creep back out the house and say our goodbyes, unseen and unheard.

lilangel693 49F
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8/5/2006 8:10 pm

Purepulsing, it sounds like u and the boy next door enjoy fucking each other. Will all ur blogs be about him? I enjoyed your story so keep writing and I will keep reading.

willieatermuff 42M

8/5/2006 8:18 pm

Oh what I wouldn't give to be that guy! lol

abitcrazy4sex 44M
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8/5/2006 9:04 pm

...\8 over here !

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