Overnight stay (pt. 3)  

purepulsingpussy 31F
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9/5/2006 2:53 pm
Overnight stay (pt. 3)

(cont'd frm pts 1 and 2)

The Wake Up
I watch you sleep turned on by your body, the way our chest rises and falls, the muscles in your arms, the way your hips feel beneath my fingers. I lay my head on your stomach, breathing in the smell of sex that lingers on your skin. I walk my fingers down your hips towards your groin. You tense with each touch, jerking involuntarily. I begin to stroke your balls, your relaxed penis, the inside of your thighs… I lick and kiss you, taking your penis and sucking it softly, letting it slide to the back of my throat and using my lips to massage you under the duvet. I climb between your legs and begin to suck you harder, your dick stiffening with each touch. I suck your balls and hear you sigh as I rub your cock with my fingers, gliding up and over your head. I run my tongue up your length and flick it through the hole in the head of your cock. Your dick jerks and a dribble of cum leaks into my mouth. I swallow it, covering your entire cock with my mouth, twisting my head as I move on you and using my hands to stimulate your head as I come up. I moan as I rub my mouth on you, looking into your eyes whilst you hold onto your pillow tightly. Your hips rise and fall as I work your dick, until finally you come, sending a rush of fluid into my mouth. I feel your dick throbbing inside my mouth and hear you breathing heavily as I slide my lips up over you, drawing the last drops of semen out of your body. “Good morning…” I say, looking up at you…

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