Overnight stay (pt. 1)  

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9/5/2006 2:48 pm
Overnight stay (pt. 1)

I have now had my first overnight stay wid an AdultFriendFinder member. I was absolutely shitting myself but i have written up what went down in d usual PPP stylee! gna separate it into 3 blogs tho cos its a bit longer than the others. All happened in the same night tho and in the order of the blogs. The last part is written up different as if y'all wer the guy (sorry girls...) but u will get ma drift...

Another night and another link. This time I’m driving up to north London to meet another AdultFriendFinder member. On the phone he has a sexy voice that just puts me at ease and a sense of humour that has me in stitches. I have the phone glued to my ear as I’m driving, trying to take directions and failing. I finally arrive and we buy some food and go inside. We sit and eat and I’m aware that I’m the most nervous I’ve ever been. I feel out of my depth but excited because, for once, I’m not in control. I’m in someone else’s territory. My link gives me a t-shirt to change into and we lay in his bed watching ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’. I see the pictures but take nothing in as I'm all too aware of the night ahead.
He lies next to me and turns to face me, leaning over me as we enjoy our first kiss. His lips are tender and soft, his tongue probing and tasting me lustfully. His hands expertly travel along my skin, finding my nipple and caressing it lightly. He breaks way from me to replace the hand there with his mouth and I lie back, relishing the feel of his wet mouth on my breast, licking and exciting my nipple so much I get goosebumps. He fervently kisses my face and neck, sucking on my skin with a desire that arouses me, stimulating a familiar warmth between my legs as I crave his attention more. As if by instinct his hand moves down me, cupping my pussy, feeling the smooth naked skin there before trailing a finger down through the lips, from my clit to the wet opening below.
I close my yes, moaning as he begins to stroke me gently. Softly. I push my hips towards him, moving my crotch to meet his wandering hand. He continues to caress me, flicking his finger lightly across my clit, sending jolts of pleasure through me. He takes my vibrator ad pushes it a short way into me, making it rotate and using a light vibration that’s makes me want more. He plays with me, still holding the rabbit inside me until I crave the fullness inside that only he can give. He puts on a condom and moves up the bed towards me. Waves of delight pulse through my vagina as his penis stretches me, entering slowly but firmly. He resists, making me writhe in anticipation, then continues, pushing him into my tight wet cunt, filling me completely and making me gasp. He begins to move inside me, grinding my g-spot with each slow thrust. I can feel the unleashed power behind each movement as he drives into me firmly. It turns me on further, seeing him indulging in pure carnal pleasure. He pushes my legs above me and I turn onto my side as he pushes his crotch in tighter towards mine and begins to sex me with a ferocity that mirrors my arousal. As he spanks me, I push back against him, crying out as I feel the muscles in my vagina tighten as if being pulled like an elastic band. I try to resist the urge but seconds later waves of ecstasy surge through me as I orgasm, panting wildly and savouring the feeling of my pussy contracting around his thick hard cock.
My lover turns me around onto my knees, pressing my head down onto the pillow and starts to do me doggy style. With each thrust I push back on him, enjoying the sound of his hips slapping against my naked ass. I look back to watch him as he slams me harder and harder, making me feel the impact low in my belly. Each time a sound involuntarily passes from my lips and s I see he is close t orgasm I urge him on telling him to ‘fuck that pussy’ over and over. Soon I feel him thrust deeper than before, holding my ass tight, and I know that he has come. His last movements inside me are shallow and soft as the come runs from his penis. We collapse back on the bed, my body glowing with sweat, and lie there for a while...

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