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8/6/2006 8:31 am

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Evry1 knows that when u got something good, u dnt let it go far, so one friday when i was out, i got kicked out of my friends hse cos she was tired and im thinking, its not that late and i haven't even bin anywhere 2nite, lets see who's stil up. I ring up the BND (boy next door) who actually lives a couple of streets away and he's chilling at home and i'm like 'u wna hook up'He says yeah and half an hour lata im outside his yard in my car. He climbs in and tells me how he's found this new place we can go.We switch seats and he drives down a backstreet that i've always seen but never noticed. Its absolutely deserted being behind some factory place with high walls on both sides of the road. we park up and climb in the back where we'l hav mor room. After a bit of an awkward silence we begin to kiss and I enjoy the buzz i get as his lips caress mine sending fireworks right through me. he tries to feel my breasts so i undo my bra, making it easier for him. I lay back along the seat as he sucks my breast gently, tracing circles with his tongue.we recline the driver's seat and i slide backwards so my head is under the steering wheel and my legs over the headrest.From his position in the back of the car he fingers me, firmly twisting them inside me and making me cry out with pleasure. He starts to ask me questions about my day, enjoying the way my sentences are incoherent and staggered as he massages my g spot. Finally when i can no longer get words out he climbs into the drivers seat and lays back as i ride cowgirl on him. I open the sun roof and enjoy the night breeze on my face and shoulders as i wine my hips on him. For a while i watch his face as he lies, eyes closed in pleasure, as i writhe over him. Soon the roles change and it is me who is being stimulated as he pushes his penis up into me and holds me still as he grinds his penis against the throbbing muscles inside me. As i feel myself becoming even more aroused i hook my arm through the window and hold on to the roof, steadying myself as i begin to bounce on his dick, willing myself to orgasm. Soon enough, i come, sending waves of dizzying relaxation surging through me. as we become aware of ourselves we realise that daylight is beginning to break and lights in houses nearby begin to turn on. we continue our sex and as i rest my head against the inside of the sunroof, eyes closed i have another orgasm that leaves me silenced and satisfied. By this time it is clearly daylight and we decide to get dressed and return to the back seat. BND hasn't come yet so i go down on him licking and sucking, yet listening out for his moans of enjoyment. A car speeds past us and we jump up, but it doesn't stop so we resume our fun, aware that time is of the essence. Soon i switch to rubbing his cock quickly. he guides my hand to concentrate my stroking on the area just below the head of his penis and i follow his instruction, revelling in the ecstacy and yearning on his face as i stroke him firmly.Using my mouth i continue to stimulate this area and moan as i enjoy the taste and feel of him in my mouth. As i suck him harder still he takes over rubbing his cock as i suck the end, moaning and flicking my tongue through the opening in his penis. He comes, furiously, thrusting up into me with jerky movements and i feel his penis throb beneath me. Then as he reached the end of his climax i circled him with my tongue, prolonging it until he was too sensitive to bear it any longer. Thoroughly exhausted he remained in back while i did my hair in the rearview mirror and then drove us home. Best sex yet, i think!!!

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8/6/2006 11:08 am

Damn, I need to go knock on my neighbor's door!

Purry {=}


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