Another overnighter  

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9/5/2006 5:10 pm

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Another overnighter

Having encountered so many people from this site who I hope to meet, I like to take the time to know each one. At the end of the day, I hope each person i sleep with will remain a friend, not just a name. One night i met a guy and planned to stay at his overnight. I was kinda nervous but he encouraged me to make myself at home and basically do as i wish whilst i was there. He was very friendly, open and seemed quite comfortable. To my pleasant surprise instead of trying to rip my clothes off (which i had been expecting but not hoping for...) he got out a pack of cards. 10 mins later we are completely absorbed in a wicked variation of the game 21, betting with chips and cracking jokes whilst watching mtv base. I felt like i'd known him 4eva and i almost 4got y i was even there 4 a while. He goes outside 4 a cigarette (he tried to hold off completely because i said i hate smoking...awww, bless) and wen he walks back in the house its like he's turned into a sex bomb. He slides into the seat next to me, and cuts me off mid-sentence with a kiss that pretty much silenced me.I could tell he'd been wanting to do that 4 a while. It ws like unblocking a dam...i was instantly horny as he pressed me tightly to him, feeling his dick hard as a rock against my crotch. He followed me upstairs to his room and again caught me in a passionate clinch in front of the window. Kissing me hard and pulling my top up over my head, he felt my breasts, cupping them in his hands, before the rest of my clothes came off. The second i was naked, he wrapped his arms around me and spun me throwing me onto the bed. I was loving every second as he spread my legs and began to lick and suck my pussy so good i was speechless. His tongue was flicking my clit so good that i could not get enough. I did not kno there were so many ways to pleasure a pussy using jus a tongue. All i could think was 'this man has some serious skills!' He used my vibrator on me , licking me at the same time and i felt like i was gonna explode. The urge to come was so strong my head was spinning, jus thinking about it.Just my luck, the batteries in the vibrator began to die and i needed him inside me. His erection was sicking out the side of his boxers. He took them off and slid that thick, hard cock inside me so easily it was like giving a pacifier to a baby. I jus wanted to melt with pleasure, wen he started to move on me i couldnt handle it.I lost all sense of where i was, all i wanted was to come.It wasnt long before i was moaning and crying out as i held him tightly,my orgasm taking me over completely. After that we were on a roll as we moved rampantly around the room, me on top, up against the wall, me touching my toes before being bent over the edge of the bed. Eventually we did make it back onto the bed. Doggy style-he had it licked, his hand wrapped in my hair, pulling my head back while he expertly sexed me so good i was unable to keep quiet.I wriggled my ass on him as he thrust in and out of me and soon he came, bending low over me and pushing deep as he did so. No time was wasted as he lowered himself and took up a position behind me frm where he resumed licking me out, pushing his tongue so far into me i jus wanted to come all over it. I had never felt anything so good and eventualy i grew quiet jus enjoying the feeling of being rapturously licked like that. it was like the best kind of massage i could ever have. I truly hav never felt anything better EVA! In the end we got hungry so we cooked up some egg sandwiches, me wearing nothin but his shirt, then we headed back upstairs and fell asleep in each others arms. A lovely night, through and through...

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9/5/2006 5:42 pm

Wish i could come over for breakfast

Purry {=}


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