The New Mayorial Car????  

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
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5/25/2005 8:22 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The New Mayorial Car????

This vehicle has been donated by an unnamed source as the official vehicle of Blogland.

Sorry everyone, Someone e-mailed us a car that was made-up to look like a pig with a big snout in front and pig ears for doors, but it just won't load on this post.

nightstogether 56M

5/25/2005 8:42 am

Wouldn't happen to have been driven by a Pope in an earlier life, would it?

private-intellectual (.de)

elle_gant1 45F
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5/27/2005 6:07 pm

If the pic had come out, I know I would be in stitches

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