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4/22/2005 3:12 pm

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Role Playing

God, my favorite f-time activity is role-playing. What is hotter than pretending to be different people, with different techniques, and ways about them.

How is this for a role playing fantasy: Strict teacher / Naughty student, and let's throw a little twist into the scenario (because as some of you know, we are a little twisted). This is a naughty Catholic School Girl, and the Strict Teacher is a Nun

Okay, let's get our thinking caps on and come up with some really HOTT fantasies.....

rm_ToungeNmike 68M
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4/23/2005 2:29 pm

Dump the Idea of the NUN and I am your MAN. I am as close to a lesbian as you will find with the MALE EQUIPMENT.

mnfun952 102M

4/24/2005 12:56 pm

hmmmmm - Tounge (or did you mean tongue?) - you remind me of a guy named 'Lisa' on the L-word - a man wanting to be a lesbian. If you haven't seen The L-word - you should... great show.

Keepin' it fun,


GangBangCple 66M/55F

4/30/2005 12:59 am

Mrs Gb loves playing a hooker, and to my surprise , she does it extremly well !

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
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4/30/2005 4:27 pm

We take turns at that role It's my opinion that all women love playing that role, but would be horrified if they had to do it for real.

rm_NeoGigLOB 32M
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7/31/2005 9:17 am

Let's make it even better... The nun walks into the classroom (or chapel, your choice) to find the girl (a 18 year old virgin, a very beautiful hindu girl with tanned skin, pettite well-shaped breasts and black eyes) with an infiltrate, his boyfriend (21 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, nor properly tannednor properly pale), just while both of them are kissing... The nun (35 years old, probably unusual yet somehow posible, maybe 37 if you prefer, anyway, beautifully palid and speckled, specially between her well sized breasts and neck, black hair and silvery hazel-tinged eyes) wants to lecture them against it so she makes them get undressed (she is known for being both harsh and unusla in her methods)... Here is where her plans begin to fail... After seeing both beautiful bodies naked besides her she remembers about her untold experiences with visiting monks... So she motions his hand (let's call him John) onto his girlfriend's breasts (let's call her Rosalia) and Victor燰's hands onto John's penis... Rosalia almost protests because she isn't experienced at it and feels nervous... Irene (Let's say this is the nun's name) stops her as soon as she begins and while she guides John's hands to arouse Rosalia beyond doubt she lecture's this a punishment to "teach her a lesson about where does kissing may end"... Now John is no kid and got aroused by it and found himself in some problem hiding this from them... At this Rosalia replied that indeed it was not being very productive because she was indeed enjoying it which made Irene tell here than then she should teach her how to do it so she may judge better and told John, whom she refered as "the object of study", to recline and made Rosalia gently sit atop John... Effectively getting his erection deep inside her... While she moaned Irene sat on a small improvised gadget which let her legs spread above John's hungry mouth simultaneosuly allowing John to comfortably lick her pussy while Irene reclined forward kissing the unsuspecting and pleased Rosalia in her mouth... Irene's hands caressed both Rosalia's breasts and back while Rosalia愀 hands fondled me just as I kept my hands caressing Victor燰's legs and body, below her habit... So I kissed and sucked, my tongue getting deep into Irene愀 pussy just as Irene's tongue twisted and coiled in passionate hugs with Rosalia's tongue, just as Rosalia gently, at her pace, enjoyed teh first cock to ever enter her vagina get in and out as it rubbed her vulva... John hadn't expected to have Irene give him her pussy to suck and lick and kiss... And he loved to see how easily she had help him get his cock pumping up and down as Rosalia's pussy went down and up with their skins rubbing each other and his mouth getting onto (and into) the wet pussy of Irene, sucking, licking, tasting... Rosalia's butt hitting back and forth onto his legs and his hands holding to Irene's ass... While Irene fondled Rosalia's breasts... This went on at a pleasing rhythm yet at a moment it suddenly stopped and Irene threw behind her the improvised gadget she had seated over and while ripping off the most unnecesary parts of her fetishistic clothing (which hindered interaction and comeliness) and told Rosalia she had to learn to lend and to obey so she brought John onto her and motioned him to penetrate her with his erect cock... She even motioned him into kissing her breasts, and he couldn't help sucking and licking her nipples and enjoying it, first with his mouth and, as his hand went on, to kiss her mouth while he pressed Irene against the wall to caress her breasts with his hands and almost squeezing them without loosing the desired gentleness and actually getting into doing so beyond pleasure... Meanwhile Rosalia, who had gone both jealosu and horny, came in to kiss them both, kissing John`s cock and Irene's pussy as he went in and out of Irene... With Rosalia's hand fondling their butts... But Irene motioned Rosalia away and told her to watch and learn... Moved by the moment John pushed Irene against the wall and lifted her up while Irene's legs got themselves around John's body and got hold of him... While John felt Irene's ankles and heels in his butt he had her lean her back against the wall and his mouth upon here breasts, kissing them and letting his tongue play with her nipples just as she was brought up and down, against the wall and partially away from it, just as Irene felt John's cock pushing in and out with increased strength and speed every time until she couldn't help not moaning and did so turning her face upwards in pleasure and he let her down...Point at which Rosalia came onto John and placed her face between his cock and Irene's pussy and went on to kiss it and lick it and swallow him as John guided her with his hand on her nape... Until Irene interrupted the sudden blitzkrieg by moving John's hands onto her butt and taking hold of Johns' ass, efectively capturing Rosalia between them both, with Rosalia's nape rubbing Irene's wet pussy and John's cock deep onto Rosalia's throat, being now in Irene's hands the control of the back and forth motion while she caressed John's butt and her own but fondled by John's hands, going on like that for quite a while, with John's mouth on Irene's breasts until she moved both of them away. She said that had been too much gentle for both of them, Rosalia and John, and they had to learn more on good manners and such... So taking her hard oak ruler in hand told Rosalia and John to kneel and then made them show her how they had been kising each other by making them kiss her wet pussy and simultaneously kiss themselves, with the ruler she hitted hard as she told them to do it this way or taht way according to her wishes and made them get themselves down in all fours, well, not exactly in all fours but almost, Irene made them get a hold of her ass and told Rosalia to jerk off John while John had to fondle Rosalia's breasts, all in perfect synchronization... Now and then she hitted them at their butts to keep them at the correct pace or to make them accelerate or slow down... She even motioned them into getting their tongues more involved yet she found herself unpleased by both and told Rosalia to stand against a giant cross against which and made her spread her legs wide open, getting shacklesto keep her hands and legs bonded, the first pair against the arms of the cross and the second couple against weights anchored onto the floor (a kinky nun has kinky surprises, so you see...). John and Irene kissed, their tongues met and at the same time they felt and tasted and sucked Rosalia's wet pussy and clitoris and Irene had John's hand go onto her (Irene's) pussy and over Rosalia's butt while Irene's hands went onto John's ass and even up onto Rosalia's breasts... Now Irene would slap the buttocks of both Rosalia and John if they didn't cooperate appropiately (If Rosalia didn't moaned enough, if she wasn't wet enough or if John didn't moved in the proper rhythm)... At the limit of her tolerance Irene left John kissing Rosalia's pussy (while she repeated again "in the first sexual session of a pussy it tastes better") and came back to surprise him by placing some chloroform-soaked parchment upon his mouth and getting him tied up to a suspensions system to hold him as if he where reclining on a bed, his body fully stretched (at quite some height, like 1.48 meters above ground, that is, 4'10") and his eyes covered by a black blindfold improvised from the teared-off clothing... At this point Rosalia would be released to suck John's cock and let her tongue get involved, just as she had felt Irene's tongue cooperating with her lips when Irene was kissing and sucking Rosalia's pussy... But to Rosalia's dismay John wouldn't react, at which she will argue with Irene who would soon tell her "he is just sedated, or you think I could really take him down so easily otherwise? enjoy, for now he is our totally subdued banquet"... So Rosalia would go on with the cock-swallowing just as Irene sucked John's balls and now and then both would kiss each other, usually while sharing the tip, shaft or both in between their kissing mouths (by the way, Irene would have been able enough as to use just enough chloroform as for it to last until the erection could no longer be mantained)... By the moment John woke up he would ask frightened what is happening to find the coordinated hands of Irene and Rosalia caressing him as they move from his penis and butt to his mouth, motioning him, who soon realizes most of it, to shut up and enjoy it... Now, with him awake, both stop caressing each other's breasts and pussy but get closer in, letting their bodies press against each other while their hands go over John's ass and cock which they continue kissing, licking and sucking, occasionally fondling it and doing a conjoined jerking of it... Even that wouldn't appease John's uncomformity so he would be released... He would then take Irene's ruler and beat it against the ground or wall telling them to go on with the fellatio and mutual kissing but now with him both standing above them and guiding them by taking hold of their necks... for now John wants to see them in action under his control... But sooner than later the three of them were laying down, with Rosalia and Irene at the flanks of John... It was as if John were now coordinating a 69 with both Rosalia and Irene... He sucked and kissed both's pussys and they swallowed and licked his cock... At this moment Irene brought an interesting aid, a strap-on for Rosalia, so she would thrust it into Irene's back door just as Irene's pussy were penetrated by John's cock and his mouth were all over both of their breasts, alongisde his hands... But Rosalia wanted Irene to use the strap-on on her first so she could feel her man inside her again and so they did... At this moment the possible ideas seemed used up but John had an idea after taking into account that both women had different pussies (the nun had a hairy pussy while Rosalia's pussy was shaven)... John found a proper place for the three of them to lay down forming a triangle, John got his own face directly in front of Rosalia's pussy and told Irene to get her mouth onto his cock while Rosalia had to get her mouth upon Irene's pussy... John offered to please Rosalia with an appropiately devoted pussy-sucking and licking and since Rosalia had to mimic that upon Irene she would reward John with the corresponding swallowing... John's face pressed onto the smooth pussy Rosalia offered, his lips against Rosalia's skin, his mouth swallowing more and more of her wet vaginal fluids... John's tongue licking Rosalia's clitoris while Irene's tongue licked his cock and got her tongue going "deep" onto it at the same time his cock went deep into Irene's throat... John's hands on Rosalia's butt and Irene's hands caressing John's ass... Even Irene had her pussy licked and sucked and her butt caressed and even Rosalia had her mouth onto some pussy, and all worked at amazing synchrony... This would last long altought Irene and Rosalia swaped places at a time... Then it was Irene's idea... She had John head press against her bushy pussy, his head trapped between her legs couldn't see nor feel beyond her pubes against which she pushed and rubbed him, all John could breath was the moisture of Irene's excited wetness and he gladly drank and sucked and swallowed absorbing hungringly and enjoying getting himself lost onto her pussy while she was so pleased she wouldn't concentrate on Rosalia's pubeless clit weren't for Rosalia's hands taking hold of Irene's head and pressing it against it as she pressed John's, while John himself, in pleased spasms, guided Rosalia's hugnry mouth in and out of his eyaculating cock... ----Unconcluded (you make it go on)
See to see my first attempt in describing this experience...

rm_NeoGigLOB 32M
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7/31/2005 9:19 am

I fear I sent the same thing twice , sorry ofr that

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