Lust...And The Red, White And Blue ... Part IV  

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Lust...And The Red, White And Blue ... Part IV

McCryin checked her watch and glanced around impatiently, as we watched from our observation point by the church organ. She made her way to the front of the church and sat in the second pew. We watched as she opened her attache case and removed an envelope and a roll of tape, and ducked down out of sight. When she sat back up, the envelope was gone, and she replaced the tape back in the attache. She got up, headed for the exit, glancing back just once, and left the church.

We waited for 5 minutes, then made our way down the stairs, to the second pew, and recovered the envelope. Stuffing the envelope under my shirt, we exited the church, took a left, and looked for a place to examine our find. We spotted a cafe on the Ku'damm, and while Natalia found us a table, I utilized the restroom. Entering the last stall, I made sure the door was locked behind me, and opened the envelope.

The envelope contained the plans for McNair Barracks (a US military base in the Steglitz area of southern Berlin, home of the Berlin Brigade), and the itinary of the Commander of that Brigade, Colonel Hutchinson. The two things could only lead me to one conclusion, someone wanted Col Hutchinson removed from command (permanently).

The Colonel had taken over command about a year ago and had earned the nickname Too-Much-Hutch. At first this moniker had been a term of derision, but had slowly evolved into one of quiet admiration. Colonel Hutchinson had assumed command of a Brigade of pretty-boys, only good for parades and guard duty and turned them into the Army's best Urban Fighters. This was done relatively quickly, and with all drastic changes, there was resistance among the men. This resistance crumbled when the soldiers realized that the 10, 12 or 15 mile marches with full gear (about 120 lbs) every Wednesday, the hours on the weapons ranges, qualifying with pistol, rifle, shotguns, grenades, recoilless rifles, flame throwers and all types of mayhem makers, the 3 months each year in West Germany practicing maneuvers (up from the usual 1 month, the majority of which was spent in the beer tent), and the very real combat simulations in Dough-Boy City (a mock city built in Berlin), were giving them something they never had before... a chance. If the Russians invaded, this little Brigade could now hold them off for a week or two, allowing help to reach them from West Germany. This was opposed to the original plan, to die in place. With that training, came confidence, with that confidence, came pride. The Berlin Brigade was now a very dangerous unit for any enemy to take on. Removing Colonel Hutchinson would be devastating to morale.

We could always take this information directly to the colonel, but I was sure that either he, or someone else in his office would contact the Consulate, in which case McCryin would surely find out. The only other course would be a more difficult one. We would need to contact the Consul-General himself.

Now in most cases, Ambassadors and Consuls are appointed to their jobs because they are friends of the president, or as re-payment for fund-raising activities. These toadies were never informed of any operations going on under their noses. In Berlin, this was not the case. The US Consul, Paul Watson, was a career officer in the diplomatic corps and while not a spy-master, was briefed daily on what was going on in his city. And well he should be, Berlin had the highest per capita population of spies in the world. The problem would be getting to Mr. Watson. We could not just walk into the consulate, there was something going wrong there. The signal to abort was given from the window of the office of the Consul-General after all. The Consul-General was well known for his late night peccadilloes, and a plan began to form in my mind, first we would need a car.

Leaving the rest-room, I gathered up Natalia, and we made our way out of the restaurant. I briefed her on the way. Two blocks down, I found what I was looking for, a parking garage.

It was a 3-story building, we started on the second floor, checking the doors of all the cars. After 2 minutes, we got lucky. The door on a Blue 1980 Audi 5S was unlocked, and thoughtfully, the owner had left his parking ticket in the sun visor. Starting the car was a little bit more difficult. On my 3rd try, I finally got the wires right, and the Audi roared to life. After paying our DM3.80 parking fee, we headed out into the night, driving to the consulate.

We parked a block away from the consulate and began our wait. I hoped the rumors about Mr. Watson were true, and our wait wouldn't be for nothing. It was 11PM, we were both tired from our long day, I would take the first watch, and wake Natalia at 1AM.

At 1:57AM I was shaken awake by Natalia, there was some activity going on in the compound. I started the car and waited, just in case. In a few moments, an official US Govt Mercedes pulled out of the consul, and headed past us.

We ducked down as it passed. Once it was a block away, I pulled out, made a U-turn and followed. I turned my headlights on after the turn in case anyone in the car was alert enough to be looking for a tail. The car traveled straight for a couple of miles, made a right, went a couple of blocks and pulled up in front of a non-descript 3-story apartment building. We continued past the building, and caught sight of the Consul, departing the vehicle and heading up the stairs. His body-guard and the chauffeur appeared to be staying with the car.

We continued down a couple of blocks, made a right, then circled around so that we were parked around the corner from the Mercedes. In order to get into the building, I would need a distraction. Natalia volunteered to provide one for me. She exited the car and walked to the corner. I waited a little while and followed. When I got to the corner, I peeked around. Natalia was just passing the Mercedes, and staggering as though pretty tipsy. She got about 20 feet past the car and took a fall. Both men got out of the car and ran to her aid. This was my chance. Down the block, up the stairs and in through the door.

I stood in the building lobby for a few seconds, allowing my eyes to adjust to the dim light, then proceeded to listen at doors. No luck on the ground floor, so I went up to the first floor. Almost immediately I noticed music and light coming from down the hall. Hoping I had guessed right, I tried the door and it opened. I entered the apartment and looked around.

No one was in the Living room or Kitchen, but there was noise coming from down the hall from a door standing ajar which had to be the bedroom. Feeling a bit guilty by not announcing my presence, I crept down the hall and peered into the room. Well, the sight I saw confirmed all the rumors that had been circulating about Mr. Watson these past few months.

There in the middle of the room, suspended from the ceiling, was the United States Consul-General for Berlin in his boxers. A tall blonde in thigh high boots with 4" heels and a latex body suit was placing a ball gag into his mouth. He was blindfolded with a black scarf. She went over to a table and got a large paddle, then walked over to him. She started whacking him in the butt with that paddle, the sound reverberating through the room like rifle shots. After about 5 swats, I was considering entering the room to put a stop to it. It was at that moment that he swung around enough for me to see the huge erection making a tent in his boxers, threatening to rip the seams out of them. After about 10 more swats, the dominitrix stopped. She put down the paddle and pulled down his shorts to examine her work.

I didn't think someone's skin could get that red, I could tell it was going to bruise. She muttered something in German to him that I could not pick up, but I saw his head move up and down. She grabbed him by his manhood and swung him around to face her, also giving me a great view. He was big, at least 10", and thick. She kissed, then licked the tip of his member. Her tongue licked down the underside of his shaft, then back up. She took the knob between her lips, then it disappeared into her hungry mouth. Her tongue making circles around his head, she suddenly took him deep into her throat. She couldn't get it all the way in, but her head moved like a jack-hammer over the 7" that did fit. With her other hand she was massaging his balls. I saw his body start to convulse and she took him out of her mouth, finishing him off by hand as she sucked on his balls. He squirted everywhere. I had never seen so much cum out side of a porno. I noticed that my own hand had wandered while watching this performance and restrained myself, promising myself to take care of myself when I had more time. I retired to the living room to wait for Mr Watson.

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Sorry this one took so long, my hard drive crashed Saturday when I was on the last paragraph and didn't get a new one installed till this morning.

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6/23/2005 7:23 am

It's about time

This story has so many different plot lines, how are you ever going to tie them all together?

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6/23/2005 7:48 am

Best one so far

GleesFlakyShawl 50M
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6/23/2005 2:20 pm

welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how many more parts we r yet to enjoy?

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
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6/23/2005 3:32 pm

I have no clue how many parts this will be, I am going to have to start wrapping it up, but there will be at least 2 more parts.

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6/23/2005 8:47 pm

I love these stories!

Barbiebunny69 43F

6/24/2005 2:45 am

Purr best one so far, i love it when they get kinky..but what will watson do!!!

**eating bon bons**

rm_indophilist 36M

6/24/2005 8:17 am

Holy ___!
Just when I thought
it couldn't get better!

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6/24/2005 1:54 pm

I can't wait for the movie...there WILL be a movie, right?

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Consul-Generals have all the fun.

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6/24/2005 8:50 pm

some people have all the fun out on manuevers, you got all the fun it seems you can handle. regards, always, hotimes90

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you may be interested to know that i work for edios entertainment, thats a nice pic of lara you have there. although she is a trademark of edios inc. you might want to hide that pic .. eventhough i kinda like , the people at edios are pretty insistive on being paid for her use, and they sure don't want her on a sex site of all places ... just a thought .... a couple of the board members use this site...

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I can feel the passion in your writing, purejoy4fem. *winking*
I enjoy your blog very much. *smiling*

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