life gets better  

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3/13/2006 12:46 am

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life gets better

after a fall it takes a while to get back to normality, this weekend i met a couple of wonderful people who have helped me on the road to being "normal" again. i spent the night having lots of fun and talking, talking about my past and how to overcome the hurt i have been feeling.
day by day that hurt has got a little less and today i am feeling fine again, yes it still hurts, but i can block it out and dont have to think about it now. everything to do with the hurt has been erased from my view, i only have to deal with whats in my head, and that is getting easier by the minute, i know i wasnt to blame for any of it, all i did was get attatched to someone, like any other person i wanted to love and be loved, i would have given them the world, but they chose to take things from me and give nothing in return, but thats ok, my concience is clear. i dont have to live with knowing i have hurt someone.
i can move on knowing that i was doing nothing more than being a human being and seeking out someone to spend my life with, to share my moments with. to give them the love i have to give and make someone happy and content.
i am who i am and i know that one day i will find someone who will appreciate me for who i am and what i have to offer and not what they can take from me without a care for how i feel!!!!

horatio1815 46M/35F

3/16/2006 3:04 am

who were these wonderful people? would love to meet them myself lmao. xx

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