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3/30/2006 1:19 pm

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OK, so its the day before a first time meeting - no sexual activity - just a drink.

You get on really well chatting for hours about everything from the serious stuff to the down right dirty tricks. Looks like its going to go well ..................

Still I have those 'butterflies' creeping into my stomach and the doubts of will we think the same after the event.

Guess I just have to hope that it helps things progress and not put them into an early grave.

Wish me luck! Any suggestions please let me know xxxxxxxxx

iluvbigcocks82 34F

3/30/2006 6:22 pm

Good for you girl, so you have arranged a meeting (Pre-rendezvous)

Lets hope your meeting is a success story, then it may restore faith for the rest of us.

As time is fleeting, so if things turn out good and I’m sure they will. Take hold with both hands and never let go, I just hope for your sake it’s not a case of your fished in blog. Might turn out to be a womaniser in every sense of the meaning.

My advice to you if on meeting, you really like him then give him the best fuck of his life so he will never want to leave you.

Apart from that you go girl and if all goes wrong then I can be your backup plan.

Only messin as:

Iluvbigcocks xx

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