Memories of the past  

pups1412 39F
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4/2/2006 12:39 pm

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4/6/2006 9:35 am

Memories of the past


You've gone, but I know you watch over me.
I feel your warmth and presence.
A smell, a feeling.
Caught in my eyes mind.

Wishing for more time, what would we say.
Another week, a day.
A single hour.

Would it make a difference to you or I.

So much we will never share.
Too much time we have missed.
Laughs we hold in memories forever.

But each day the gap grows from when we did part.
Narrows the time until we are together.

(c) Pups

Warnings of the past

I am a strong character
My own, my personal thoughts
You do not invade my mind
For my will is strong.

Warnings fall on deaf ears
You do not know me
But let this be heard.

A past is a past
All for good reason
We all have them.

Our paths may cross
For your past
May be my future.

(c) Pups

pups1412 39F

4/2/2006 2:00 pm

Thank you - it's always nice to have comments - especially fro someone new. xx

Luscious_Lust 40F
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4/2/2006 3:53 pm

A past is a time ago??

When it is told of a past that has stricken a soul
Unscrupulous profundity from which is was born
Another lesson learned to teach the innocent ones
Deafness is a blessing in the minds eye
To be blinded would be to never see or cry
So close your lobe and open your eye
For yes time is forwarding and shall never again be mine
But a memory of a past serves well and the story
To the offspring I shall tell
As they search for their why!!
All in the diaries of a past there are no lies

As it was said the fort forums substitutes well
As will never be can never be in the mirror I see
The future is our destination
And mine shall be a joyous one
As I made the broken hearts break
For reasons of treason
Denial will never conquer a lustful soul
So now a new journey along a different path
I embrace the unknown with much caution
Not without reasons which shall remain untold
For in your future the answers will unfold

At a cross roads footsteps deep in the sand
Mark the place where I once stand
Which way to go this I feel I know
The way from which I came from is so familiar
As on the memorise the lights are bright
No surprises as deaf ears beheld me once
But now with open ears and eyes I walk
I choose the dark path with no light
So again I am blinded from the path ahead
But I tread with caution whilst I listen
As now sound is my guidance
For the light played tricks on my minds eye!!

Lou xx

stripytiger 46M

4/3/2006 11:29 am

For your past
May be my future.

I've enjoyed reading your blog and then the two lines above hit me like a sack of bricks - in a good way Keep it up and I'll keep reading.

stripy xx

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