Dedicating my first post to .........Qtee_pie  

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6/20/2006 6:46 am

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Dedicating my first post to .........Qtee_pie

This Blog is and will continue to be an extension of who I am. It will let you read about the way I feel about this or that at any given time.
Okay, I wanna talk about Qtee_pie. This girl could light up a room. She was the life of a party. She made everyone feel like they were somebody.She had Heart. She was REAL. She was somewhat a damsel in distress the first time I met her face-to face. Enrique Iglesias- HERO was our song. She was to date the best GF I have ever had.I will always love her and probably get choked up every time I talk about her, or write about her... like right now. Her profile remains on AdultFriendFinder. Please visit it.

Today I thought of you, but then that's nothing new.
I thought of you yesterday,and the day before that too.
I bless the times I had with you,and left the rest to God.

I never doubted that someday I would see your smiling face.
Emotionally I still breakdown everytime it hits me that the "day" will never take place.

If I had one lifetime wish, one that would come true.
I would pray to God so hard for yesterday and you.

The thoughts I feel so deeply are the hardest ones to say.
But I will always continue to love you in a very special way.

They say memories are golden, while this may be true.
I would gladly give up the memories, Because I only wanted you.

If teardrops were a stairway, and heartaches made a lane.
I would be walking a path to heaven to bring you back again.

qtee_pieJanuary 8, 1967 - February 10, 2006

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6/20/2006 8:29 pm

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