Burning Hot to Sticky-icky  

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6/20/2006 9:02 am

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Burning Hot to Sticky-icky

Aaight I seem to be reading a lot of the ladies' profiles and they all wanna hear "stories".They wanna know what type of things you're into .. kinky or whatever. So here goes.
Shortly after splitting from the ex-wife I was hanging out with (at the time)my 2 best buddies(females). Now, one of them had been going on & on for weeks talking about a Creme-de-minth BJ.
At that point I had not had sex with either of them A hug was the extent of any physical contact. Im no cheater. Anyhow .. so the night after the divorce was final they decided I should celebrate with them .. And well as is usually the case One of the 2 well I had been lusting over for a couple years. so i agreed. they invited me over.They were I'm sure thinking they would just dare me and I would chicken out *WEG*..Cuz they were never privy to my "single" days. one thing leads to another .. I'm in the bedroom they are both decked out in new sex outfits care of Victorias Secret and probably Lovers Package. They both proceed to undress me asking me the whole time if I was scared.. NOPE.. They start off taking turns sucking on my dick and one breaks off to grab her Cinnamon oil. The kind that gets Hot when ya blow on it. After completely covering my dick and balls both girls proceed to lick it all off. After the one chick had pretty well licked my dick clean, she reaches under the bed for the 1/2 gallon of Creme-de-Mint..She had never done it but mostly liked the way it sounded.. My first question was..is it gonna react with the cinnamon.. they werent sure so they licked on the dick for another 10 minutes or so.The One girl takes a swig in her mouth and proceeds to deep throat my Cock. WTF!!!! that shit Burned like a MOFO.. My dick went from rock hard to a clit size in about 5 seconds.. she spit that shit all over the room .. they were laffin their asses off as I jumped up to run to the bathroom to wash off my now dinky ass dick and fire burning my balls. I open the door and am greeted by 4-5 dogs..all in my way sniffing my shit.im trying to hurry my nekkid ass and i got dogs on my shit .So i get in the Bathroom get my balls and dick washed off and as the heat starts to fade i hear them in there.. still laffin .. I was like okay biotches.. MY TURN!.. I told them both to lay on their backs with their legs spread and i would soon be in .. I stop off in the kitchen where I had previously bought a couple of those Power Ranger Lollypops. Not the Spin Tops .. These ones lit up sorta like a Light Saber off of Star Wars.after making my way past the pack of dogs i get locked in the bedroom. First thing i do Is tie both of their hands to the headboard. I break the first lollypop out and make one chick suck it like a dick .. I pull it out of her mouth and proceed to slide it into her well shaved up beautiful already wet pussy.
i pull the cord on the overhead light so all she can see is this red light saber sliding in & out of her snatch. I shove it in deep and fold her pussy lips over to sorta seal off any light from escaping.. Basically you could see this red light eminating from her bellybutton. So I leave it in there and tell her NOT to push it out. I grab the other Power Ranger .. make girl #2 suck the shit out of it. After asking her if she thinks its good and wet I pull it out of her mouth and proceed to place it in her pussy as well. She isnt shaved and upon insertion the sticky ass Power Ranger Grabs a bunch of her Pubes.. She starts yelping cuz its getting drier and sticking more and more to more pubes .i untie her and tell her .. i guess ya shoulda shaved your shit a little more.. she is going ow ow ow ow all the way to the door cuz this Power Ranger is NOw completely immersed in her pubic hairs.She says it hurts to move..she opens the door and gets the greeting dogs .. which if I didnt mention it .. are not small dogs . well apparently as she is trying to get past the dogs .. one of the dogs Also gets his hair stuck to the Power Ranger. Talk about some funny ass shit to see.. OMG .. anyhow I was hoping that girl #1 would have sorta dried up a little so as to ger a few of her pubes a sticking .. no go she was wet as hell..S i pulled it out and shoved my dick in her.. put the Power Ranger back in her mouth...After a little while I pulled out of her and put the Power Ranger back in her snatch.. I orderd her to spin around on her knees and get ready for the doggie.. basically cuz she had a perfect ass.. and she was gonna get a spanking for the Burning BJ. I put the lolly back in her mouth and by now girl 2 had detached the lolly along with quite a few hairs of hers as well as the dog got a little trim. so i tell her to keep feeding the lolly while I start trying to knock a hole in #2. The whole time I keep staring at her ass.. thinking .. Yup...... ..I get the Power Ranger back and start shoving it in her ass...she came and i mean she came hard.. I love feeling a woman getting off when Im inside her.. well her knees pretty much buckled and I figured she was good for a while. so i had #1 untie her . she was "all Good" Well #1 wasnt chancing shit at this point so she finds a nice big bottle of Ky and grabs ahold of the headboard waiting doggie for her pounding.... After making her ass red with quite a few well placed hand prints I start fucking her.I grab the KY and lube her ass up .. I Mighty Morphed her Ass and Pussy like a caveman..when she started to blow her whole body began to shake uncontrollably almost like an epilepsy attack when she came I could feel her wetness literally dripping of my balls.. Normally Im thinking at this point I should have Blown.. but i didnt.. Which is when I said WTF you 2 got work to do .. they complied .. #2 drags my feet down to the edge of the bed so half my ass is hanging off.. #1 straddles me 69 and begins sucking my dick of course i reciprocate. #2 starts sucking my balls and then next thing I know I am getting a bomb ass rimjob .. # 1 started cumming and I latched on to her hips for the ride.. I wass almost there myself..She started cumming about 5 seconds b4 I Blew my load in her mouth.. she hung on and sucked me dry.. not missing a drop.. . Well most people I suppose have a lenght of time they stay abstinent after a divorce b4 they feel they are ready.. I figure my length of time was about 5 1/2 hours.. If anyone can find those Power Ranger LollyPops (the ones that light up) Please let me know. Everyone else feel free to try this at your convenience..

CrashnBern 57F

6/20/2006 12:01 pm

what a great story!! lmao!!!

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