Who the fuck am I? First Reading  

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5/20/2006 2:47 pm
Who the fuck am I? First Reading

Since one of the supposed purposes of this site is to meet others, and I've posted what I'm looking for (down below somewhere), thought it might be useful to put some stuff up as to who the fuck I am.

Looked at my "love Sex and Flirtation" astrologly reading. Pretty much dead on...

Ascendant in Capricorn
You tend to take any personal relationship quite seriously and generally don't get involved unless you are fairly sure it will be permanent. In that case you throw your whole self into it.
When you do choose a partner, you provide a calming, stabilizing influence. Ideally, you should find a volatile lover who requires your soothing.
It would be wise to follow your lover's lead in lovemaking. Learn to open up and try out new ideas to get the spark going again.
If your relationship is not going well, avoid using sex to control your partner. Instead of clinging to a dying affair, make an active effort to change or dispose of it.

Sun in Cancer
You tend to be self-protective in your relationships or, if you are highly motivated, you may look for just the opposite - selfless, sometimes too self-denying, emotional entanglements.
Probably you will keep your really meaningful relationships quite private, so that the outside world is unlikely to know what is really going on in your emotional life.
The physical care and well-being of your lover are very important to you, and you may be generous to the point of lavishness.
With the Sun in Cancer you want to surround and envelop a lover, so you should find someone who is not too independent, someone who won't be annoyed by your constant small tokens of affection.
It is very important for you to balance your emotional life carefully, so that you are neither too closed off from others nor too open.

Sun in the Sixth House
For your most successful sexual development, a love affair should have a definite framework. Thus you are better off with one steady partner than trying to play the field. Your strength in personal affairs is your ability to build a well-knit, solid relationship that endures and continues to thrive year after year.
Friendship with a lover is very important to you, and without it the most passionate night will seem somehow empty.
For this reason, it would not be wise to seek a partner who is the outgoing, constantly-in- motion life of the party, even though you may be attracted to such a person.

Moon in Leo
You are very open and mellow toward your lover, and you are a very enthusiastic and outgoing love partner.
Your partner should enjoy social gatherings, because you feel unfulfilled if you are alone for a long time.
Generally you are an optimist, which helps the physical side of a relationship.
Physically and emotionally, you enjoy the presence and love of many different people, but you will probably lock your truly heartfelt loyalty and love to one person only.

Moon in the Seventh House
You give of yourself easily and are always ready to be a friend to someone who shares your interests.
You may often find that you are the guiding hand in an affair, as your partner may not be as surefooted and may need the support of your wisdom to get along in the relationship. You should look for a lover who is sensitive enough to know when to take your advice and follow your suggestions.
You must know when not to give advice as well as when to give it. Your lesson is to learn patience and perseverance.

Venus in Leo
This position indicates that you have a generous helping of desire and a healthy sexual appetite.
Your taste runs to all-over-the-body sensuality rather than to localized tastes.
You aren't concerned with impressive accouterments; you just want pleasure to be readily available.
If there is any drawback to this position, it is that you demand high standards and will not stand for stinginess or boredom.

Venus in the Seventh House
You don't get very much pleasure from sex if your lover is uncomfortable or physically dissatisfied with what is going on. As a result, you are a particularly considerate lover, because one of your primary concerns is to see that your partner has a good time in order that you can too.
You are most stimulated by a lover who is really quite different from you in many respects, at least in personality.
However, be sure that you are an equal partner in any relationship and do not let anyone exploit your need for a lover by giving you less than you deserve.

Mars in Virgo
You are a very careful, sensitive lover who gives much thought to making sure that the atmosphere and setting for love are just right.
In general you prefer a well-appointed room with all the accouterments so that you are in control of the overall situation and can concentrate on the more delicate details of intimacy.
Your most outstanding characteristic is attentiveness to the myriad particulars of sex - all the tiny nuances that make it an endlessly varied pursuit. But take care to keep spontaneity alive!

Mars in the Eighth House
You like to maintain a certain air of mystery concerning your style and motivations in sexuality, which can add both power and attraction to your image as others see it. In order to stay in control of your sometimes complex and subterranean inner forces, you must make a particular effort to explore them and reach an effective level of self-understanding.
Sexual activity has a very invigorating effect on your constitution.
Because of your own makeup, you are rather good at unraveling the tangled skeins of others' personal lives. In a love affair you can pursue seemingly well-hidden motives that reveal your lover's special needs, and then satisfy them.

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