What do you wear when blogging?  

puntachueca 105M
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7/2/2006 5:51 am

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7/5/2006 11:29 pm

What do you wear when blogging?

So...what are you wearing right now as you read this?

runzwithknives 59F

7/2/2006 6:18 am

not a damn thing

puntachueca replies on 7/2/2006 6:32 am:
If you ever have any problems with your computer I'll help you fix it.....

papyrina 51F
21133 posts
7/2/2006 6:28 am

little red panties and a red bra, camming while reading blogs lol

I'm a

i'm here to stay

puntachueca replies on 7/2/2006 4:33 pm:
going to have to try and catch you on cam...what time?

BaronessK 52F

7/2/2006 7:16 am

Winnie the Pooh sports lounging outfit {I know; 'inside' joke, trust me, but it is true! }; or else I'm all or partly naked getting ready to go somewhere.

puntachueca replies on 7/2/2006 4:39 pm:
I think you'd look really cute in the Winnie the Pooh outfit. Another way to go "bear"....So what's the inside joke?

catkit13 66F

7/2/2006 7:55 am

panties and a tee, as usual - what about you?

puntachueca replies on 7/2/2006 4:39 pm:
just jockey shorts.

angelofmercy5 58F
17881 posts
7/2/2006 8:38 am

My purple nightie! What are you wearing???

puntachueca replies on 7/2/2006 4:40 pm:
jockey shorts.


7/2/2006 9:54 am

boxer shorts and a smile

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

puntachueca replies on 7/2/2006 4:41 pm:
Never actually seen a woman in boxer shorts (this guy has been living under a rock for way too long)....

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

7/2/2006 3:15 pm

Shorts and a tee shirt and YOU..??...Ready


puntachueca replies on 7/2/2006 11:36 pm:
jockey briefs and sometimes a tee shirt...but it's been really hot and humid down here.

TheCliticals 34F/F

7/2/2006 7:00 pm

My bath robe. Its old and tatty but I love it.


puntachueca replies on 7/2/2006 11:37 pm:
women in bath robes are really sexy.

BaronessK 52F

7/2/2006 11:51 pm

Well, it's in one of my postings, but hell even I couldn't find it right off so...J decided I needed a 'nickname'; why, I have no clue, but guys seem to think that I need one. So he says "How about 'Boo'?" I looked at him REALLY funny and went into Joe Pesci mode with, "Why, do I scare you?" then asked, "Am I THAT white that you need to make a comment about my moonburning butt?" and so on. So then he decides to say, "Pooh." so of course I am still in a smarta** mood about it all, so I say, "Fine, Tigger!" {when he's more Eeyore, really, trust me!}. And so he decided that since I 'agreed'.... Found the outfit a while later and bought it because of him and the Pooh on it; it's actually sporty type with pants and sports type sleevless and all that, but that was never the point! Also why, after Christmas during clearance I picked up a pair of Pooh head slippers.

puntachueca replies on 7/3/2006 7:09 am:
I love the Joe Pesci mode. I have a friend who is his stand in in the movies..dead ringer and straight from Mulberry Street in NY. We were waiting in a long line atb a restaurant on Mulberry and he goes into his "mode"..bulls his way into the place, stands by a table and says "They whacked poor Joey right here. In front of his family, brains all over the wall..." the people at the table fled, and he got the table....

I do improv comedy, and do the gumba.

I didn't realize they made adult size Pooh stuff....

BaronessK 52F

7/3/2006 12:18 am

The 'joke' got 'out of hand' last time we went to the thrift store; bought him a pair of Pooh boxer shorts -- he wouldn't wear them, I don't need to, but I wore them outside with a 'sports' bra on his front porch during the heat!

puntachueca replies on 7/3/2006 7:10 am:
too bad he can't enjoy this....I'd wear them.

lovemetouchme5 51F
2102 posts
7/4/2006 9:08 am

Just a pair of shorts, which is a little bit more than I usually wear while blogging!

puntachueca replies on 7/4/2006 6:31 pm:
I'm getting this image of all these AdultFriendFinder members sitting at their computers at night, partially clothed....

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