Some More Strange Schemes To Meet Women  

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4/21/2006 9:33 pm

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Some More Strange Schemes To Meet Women

The thing about ending up single again is one gets a lot of interesting advice.

The best advice this week on how to meet women:

Establish a Home For Homeless Waitresses

(This came up at a table full of buddies at a local breakfast joint that we go to every morning for years)

The idea is to get a really big house with a bunch of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Then offer rooms rent free to waitresses who want out of bad relationships or who just can’t afford rent on the lousy tips they are making.

The only requirement for the rent free home is they must run around the home naked or wearing very little.

No sex for rent requirement, though.

More of a recovery home where they can relax, get their shit together, and then go back to the world...or not.

No boyfriends, ex husbands, etc allowed in. Address secret so stalkers and men subject to protective orders can't harass.

A safe haven.
I’ve always liked waitresses…that is really hard and shitty work. I never made it out of dishwashing because of short term memory problems and a tendency to tell assholes to fuck off. Some of the most real people I’ve known wait tables.

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