New on line friends...but no live contact  

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4/19/2006 5:09 pm

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New on line friends...but no live contact

Have made some great on-line friends via the blog and my magazine submissions.

It feels really good to let some things hang out...frustration with the antisexuality in our culture, ranting about the Easter Bunny, and blowing off a bad case of the blues one night.

Thank you good people who have shared your thoughts! Some really interesting folks out there. There is definitiely a community and it is cool to be a part of it!

On the more mundane front..namely meeting a live woman...nothing on the horizon.

There are some extremely interesting women over 40 around Tucson and up in Phoenix I'd really like to meet...even if just for a drink....but all I've gotten are automated email responses.

I understand the limits on standard members, and have included a way to get back...but alas...nada.

It would be really fun to meet a live woman over 40 who is still sexually hot and wanting some action.

To experience again that rush of energy when someone turns you on and you turn them on and you both want to get your hands and mouths all over each other and rip off each other's clothes and get naked bodies writhing together....

Gee...and here I am, actually internationally infamous in real life...and can't get a date in the United States.

The cyber adventures continue...

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